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Hands On: Nexia Home Door and Window Sensor



To continue our review of the Nexia Home Intelligence System we have our next add-on for review, the Home Door and Window Sensor. This sensor is battery operated (battery included in the box), and is designed to alert you when either your door or window is opened. Keep reading to find out the ease of installation and how well it happens to work.

Like everything else I have reviewed so far for the Nexia Home Intelligence System the install is easy enough anyone with minimal knowledge can do it.

Before you install the sensor you need to have it near your Nexia Bridge to pair it with the system. Just press the plus (+) button on the bridge and insert pull out the plastic tab on the back of the system and press the pairing button with a push-pin or paper clip and the system automatically add’s the sensor to the Nexia Home Intelligence Network. Once pairing is complete you can go ahead with the install.

There are two options for installing the Door and Window Sensor. They have included both mounting screws and also double-sided foam tape depending on if you will be using this for a door or a window.

In the package there are two different colored plastic covers (white and brown) so this device will fit in with most decor’s.

The system works using magnetism. The system works by sensing when the magnet is moved away from the sensor. The maximum distance the magnet can me away from the base is 6mm before the system senses that the door or window is opened.

Once the sensor is tripped, and depending on how you have the system set up, you will be alerted via text that the sensor has been activated. Also on the web view and mobile app a door icon is showed either open or closed depending on the status of the Sensor.

Battery life of the Schlage Home Door and Window Sensor is said to be up too 3 years. The sensor must also be within 60 feet of another Nexia Device or the Bridge to function.

Price is $49.99 and available from Nexia Home

If you already have or have been thinking about purchasing the Nexia Home System this is a great add-on that works for both your doors and windows.

Check out Neixa Home.com for this and all of their other great products.

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