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Hear it, Live it!

Auris = Latin for EAR
Sonics = Practical application of SOUND

Aurisonics, Inc. is a Nashville, TN (Music City) based professional audio product company. Aurisonics was founded in 2011 by veteran master audio engineer and audio products designer Dale Lott, with the goal of making products that truly allow customers to “hear it” and “live it.”

In just two years, Aurisonics has rapidly grown from a basement operation with one employee, to an international audio products force. Our customers (part of the Aurisonics family) include artists and band members from such musical acts as Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton, Night Ranger, Stryper, The Isaacs, ASIA, Styx, Mandisa, and Matthew West, to name a few. Other well known celebrities such as the Food Network’s Guy Fieri, Grammy winning composer A.R. Rahman, and NFL commentator Terry Bradshaw use our products. Even stars of the ABC hit series Nashville (Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, and Chip Esten), use our in-ear monitors (IEMs) on almost every episode of Nashville.

We’ve just moved our production facility to a brand new (and much larger) space to expand our current production line, bring in new cutting edge production machinery, and accommodate our ever growing team of engineers, sales, CAD, management, and fantastic manufacturing staff!

We are continually innovating, by exploring and implementing new production methods, increasing output capacity, and expanding manufacturing capabilities. Our end goal is to make every component required for our products, in-house.

UPDATED: InnerFidelity Editor Tyll Hertsens Listens to ROCKETS at CES and says ROCKETS “sound pretty darned good”

Tyll Hertsens, editor at InnerFidelity.com, founder of HeadRoom (headphone.com), and unrepentant headphone geek took time to give ROCKETS a listen at CES. Check out what he had to say on innerfidelity and the video.


AURISONICS Nominated for TEC Award Two Years in a row

Founded in 1985, the Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards is the foremost program recognizing the achievements of audio professionals. Presented annually by the NAMM Foundation at The NAMM Show, the TEC Awards recognizes the individuals, companies and technical innovations behind the sound of recordings, live performances, films, television, video games, and other media.

Aurisonics was nominated in 2012 for our AS-1 custom in-ear monitors and now again in2013 for our ASG-2 Generic fit IEMS.

TEC Award Nominations
TEC Award Nominations

Introducing ROCKETS

Following the success of our AS and ASG series product lines we introduce our new Alpha series ROCKETS.

Let’s enjoy our music more 

We took everything we knew about making custom professional quality IEMs and distilled it to the very essence of what Aurisonics Inc. stands for, to create a product that is completely Made in the USA, Military Spec durable, waterproof, and it has to sound incredible.

Here are some common problems faced with earphones and lesser quality IEMs that ROCKETS address.

Problem 1 //. It broke… again

ROCKETS aren’t just designed in the USA – they’re made in USA… in fact, we make pretty much everything ourselves, in-house at our production facility in Nashville, TN, using space-age manufacturing technologies.  These babies are mil-spec durable and are built to take the use (and abuse) of daily wear (and the occasional accident).

  1. Titanium shells – Super strong, super light, super sound.
  2. Kevlar tri-weave military grade cables are able to withstand the abuse of  daily use.
  3. Cables are anchored by Kevlar at 3 points to the shell which prevents broken connections.
  4. ROCKETS are waterproof to IP65 which means sweat, rain and water not a problem; you can run, bike, and lift in the rain with these!

We’re fanatical about the quality and design of our products, and even more nutty about our quality control. Products that successfully leave the building have gone through stringent QC checks. All Aurisonics products are proudly Made in USA.

Problem 2 //. Earphones don’t fit [very well]

Earphones falling out of your ears? Ears hurt from wearing your earphones?

Tri-tab early prototype
Tri-tab early prototype

ROCKETS come fitted with a patent-pending tri-tab silicone retention collar.  The retention collar is designed to hold ROCKETS in your ears by grabbing the inside parts. In other words, they’re really comfortable and will sit securely in your ears without falling out. You can even sleep comfortably in them.

Unlike earbuds that have no chance of staying in the ear due to the shape, ROCKETS are perfect for an active lifestyle. Comfortable for long periods of use and isolation from the noise of the world when you want it, when you need it, ROCKETS are your escape through your music.

Problem 3 //. Music has to be turned up really loud to drown outside noises 

Earphones are generally designed to be “open” – i.e. you can hear everything that’s going on around you.  That leads to much higher volumes to drown out the external noises, which with prolonged exposure, will lead to hearing damage and hearing loss.

ROCKETS are designed to be worn deeper into the ear canal.  In fact, having ROCKETS inserted properly is as good as having earplugs in – they block out up to 24dB of external noise so you can rock out to your favorite song at safe levels.

That brings us to why we’re here today!

Introducing the REWARDS!

Rocket: to move or transport by means of a rocket.

Powered by a single ultra precision made 5.1mm micro-dynamic speaker, the ALPHA series ROCKETS pack a punch with their 20Hz-22KHz frequency range; yet has a neutral non-fatiguing, inviting sound signature. Its presentation is tuned for those sensitive to high frequencies and the ears of a younger budding audiophile.

Conserving your hearing is part of our culture at Aurisonics so we tuned the sensitivity of the driver to a level that allows you to enjoy ROCKETS at lower volumes for longer periods of time without worry of hearing fatigue.

Having no external venting, ROCKETS have great isolation with low occlusion (stuffy head feeling). The sliding tri-tab base allows you to properly position the super soft silicon tri-tabs in your ear for maximum retention so they don’t fall out. ROCKETS include an assortment of our new hand-poured, super soft “skin-like” SureSeal™ tips for unparalleled fit, seal, and comfort.

As with all Aurisonics products, ROCKETS are handcrafted in the USA.

USA Retail Price: $249.

  • Single 5.1mm Precision Micro-Dynamic Driver
  • 20Hz – 20KHz Frequency Response
  • 16ohm +/- 10% impedance @1kHz
  • Sensitivity 105dB @ 1mW
  • EDIT: SureSeal™ replaceable tips – 1 pack of 4 different sizes; Small, Medium, Medium PLUS, Large.  See below for more details on new sizes.
  • Optional custom tips for enhanced performance and fit
  • Sliding soft silicon tri-tab ear retention system
  • Rugged Titanium housing
  • Tri-Weave Kevlar reinforced cables

UPDATED: SureSeal™ Tips

We went through thousands of CT scans to engineer our new tips and realized that in general, there are 4 different ear canal shape and sizes. We’ve designed our tips to accommodate that difference and have developed 4 anthropomorphically engineered sizes for a better fit and seal.

These tips are manufactured in-house at Aurisonics. They are made of super soft, medical grade silicone material, and feature a proprietary shape for superior fit, seal and comfort.

Where You Come In

If you don’t know anything about manufacturing a product, making ONE is hard, but making THOUSANDS of the same thing can be mind blowing. The cost of the tooling, the materials, refining pieces to production equipment, hiring people to run the equipment, training, and the list goes on… is expensive.

Here’s what your contribution towards the $20,000 goal will go towards;

  • Component costs (Kevlar cable, Titanium shells)
  • Tooling and mechanical costs
  • Keeping it Made in the USA

We are just short a few pieces to kick ROCKETS off.  With your help, we will be able to achieve our goal of making our new Alpha series an unbelievably beautiful, extremely durable, and amazing sounding IEM that we can then sell in large quantities around the world.

But it doesn’t stop there! By tapping into Kickstarter, we hope to gain market research and determine the demand for our new generation of IEMs. At the same time, we want to reach out to a broader market group to build a larger community of customers around our products.

So join us in our campaign; with your help and interaction, we will be able to continue building exceptional products that fit into your audio lifestyle, and keep it all Made in the USA.

The Next Steps

The Crew

I am Tyll Hertsens, editor at InnerFidelity.com, founder of HeadRoom (headphone.com), and unrepentant headphone geek.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter


Aurisonics Inc. has been a manufacturer of professional audio equipment for the music industry for more than two years, successfully creating in-ear solutions that have exceeded expectations worldwide.

We make ROCKETS ourselves in Nashville and have more control over the manufacturing process compared to other projects that depend on manufacturing partners in an overseas country. Having gone through the project timeline many times with our team and suppliers, we are sure that we will be able to deliver ROCKETS to you within the relevant reward timeframes.

On a separate note, when we created ROCKETS and were thinking about the best ways to launch it, it became clear to us that crowdfunding would be one of the most effective ways to gather market insight and consumer demand for a home-grown, Made in USA company such as ours.

Listening is in our DNA and we want you to tell us how we can make our IEMs better.

We have started development on a new line of products for 2014. Your feedback will be key in helping us to develop this line so that you shape the way your music will look and sound like to suit your needs.

Thank you again for being a backer and we look forward to welcoming you into our Aurisonics family.

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