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Grace Digital Launches New Internet Player for SiriusXM Music for Business


The GDI-SXBR1 player delivers SiriusXM’s curated and critically-acclaimed music programming to allow businesses to create the perfect environment for customers and employees

Grace Digital, a leader in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and networked audio solutions, introduces the GDI-SXBR1 internet player developed exclusively for SiriusXM Music for Business.

Using your high speed internet connection, the GDI-SXBR1 (MSRP $199.99) connects easily to your overhead music and telephone (on-hold) systems. View channel number, channel name, artist and song title on the easy-to-read display. The GDI-SXBR1 features five front panel presets for quick access to your favorite SiriusXM Music for Business channels.

With Grace’s web-based player management tool, the GDI-SXBR1 can be programmed to automatically change channels and volume providing the perfect music environment to match your brand and business needs.

And the settings can be locked to prevent unauthorized access. Whether a single office or a growing multi- location restaurant franchise, the Grace Digital internet business music player for SiriusXM Music for Business is a perfect solution.

SiriusXM’s dedicated music programmers are passionate about music. They create entertaining programming that millions listen to on a daily basis, and that same passion, knowledge and experience is used to program music for businesses. SiriusXM Music for Business features exclusive channels which are provided without hosts or commercial interruptions, including dozens of professionally programmed channels specifically for businesses, from pop to jazz, standards to rock, or blues to classical. In addition, all required music royalties are paid as part of your SiriusXM Music for Business subscription.

“SiriusXM’s extensive music library and expert music curation is what sets SiriusXM apart from other business music providers,” according to Greg Fadul, Grace Digital’s CEO. “Combine SiriusXM’s unparalleled commercial-free music programming with our new web controllable business internet player, and you have a total best in class business music solution.”

The Grace Digital GDI-SXBR1 is available immediately via SiriusXM’s web site and the following SiriusXM authorized resellers:

 Applied Media Technologies – (800) 741-2682

 Dynamic Media – (800) 684-7050

 Playnetwork – (866) 596-7044

Note: the GDI-SXBR1 requires a subscription to Sirius XM Music for Business.

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