Hands On: Boss Audio ATV25B All Terrain Sound System


The Boss Audio ATV25B is the portable sound system that you can take almost anywhere with you when you are on the go. Whether on your Boat, Quad/ATV,  Off-road Buggy, or even your car for those nights at the drive in, this is the system you need. The ATV25B is powered by your vehicles 12v battery. You can either connect it directly to your battery or plug it into a cigarette lighter/12v power source.

Included in the box is everything you need to start playing your music on the go. There is an adapter to go from your battery, or power terminals if you have them,  to the cigarette lighter that is attached to the device. If you decide to just use your 12v power source in or on your vehicle you don’ t need the adapter. Also included are 2 heavy-duty Zip ties and mounting straps with velcro to mount the ATV25B pretty much anywhere you want it whether it be your roll bar, the front rack of your quad, or the awning on your boat. There is also a bracket to mount the inline controls. They have even included a case that you can put your phone in while you are out to give it some extra protection.

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The ATV25B will work with either your Bluetooth device or if you choose there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack that you can plug into.

The ATV25B has inline controls that allow you to both pair your Bluetooth device and skip forward or backwards through your playlist. I have found that the skip will also work with music apps such as Slacker Radio

For those of you that worry about hearing your music over the motor of your ride, the ATV25B has an internal amp with a max rating of 450 Watts. Plenty to hear while you’re cruising through the woods or out on the river.

The device is easy to set up. All you have to do is either plug the cigarette lighter plug into your 12v source or attach the adapter to your battery and plug-in the adapter. The power plug is approx 6″ and the audio cable is 9″.

If you are using the 3.5mm plug for your audio then you are good to go. If you choose to use Bluetooth all you need to do is hold down the pause/play button for 3 seconds and make sure your phone has the Bluetooth turned on and searching for new devices. Once the pairing is complete you are ready to go.

Volume control is done from your device and not the ATV25B itself. You can skip forward and back from your device also but the inline controls will do that also.

The sound quality from the weather resistant speakers is very good for something that will undoubtably see both water and mud. The tweeters deliver good quality high’s while the main speakers fill the rest of the void nicely. You even have nice bass response so everyone will be able hear you coming.

Since we are talking about using this outdoors, and that’s what it’s made for, the ATV25B is fully Marinized so you don’t have to worry about the occasional splash of water or mud. The speakers have a waterproof poly injected cone so no worries there either. The main speakers face the front of the device while the tweeters are on top and face up.

Overall the ATV25B does exactly what it is supposed to. Gives you music on the go whether on the water or in the woods. The combination of good build quality, water resistance, and good sound quality makes this a device you need if you want to take your tunes on the boat or quad.

Price for the ATV25B is $188.14 From Boss Audio’s AMAZON PAGE



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