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iSwimband drowning detection system big hit at CES


(New Canaan, CT – January 2014)  Aquatic Safety Concepts announces the introduction of its revolutionary new “iSwimband”, the first portable and personal drowning detection system for parents / caregivers. “iSwimband” is a wearable Bluetooth sensor that is worn by children / toddlers to alert the parents’ iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch should a swimmer remain submerged for too long a period of time, and/or if a non-swimmer should accidentally fall into the water. “iSwimband” will work in pools, lakes, the ocean – even spas and bathtubs.



“iSwimband” was developed because drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death of children under 18 in the US and is in fact, the number one cause of accidental death of children in 18 states.  Amazingly, 88% of drownings occur with some type of supervision present, meaning that most of them should have been preventable. For every drowning victim, 5-7 near-drowning victims, primarily children, suffer from some type of neurological damage. THIS SYSTEM CAN BE A REAL LIFE SAVER.


“iSwimband” is a lightweight headband that swimmers can also attach to their swim cap or water goggles. If a swimmer is underwater beyond a preset time limit it will trigger an alert to a Bluetooth-enabled iOS device or music player.  Non-swimming toddlers can wear a tamper resistant wristband version which will also send an alert if they accidentally enter the water.  Unlike wearable sensors that tell you how much you’ve walked in a day, “iSwimband” has the potential to save lives and prevent needless tragedies.  While nothing replaces diligent human supervision, iSwimband provides an extra layer of protection in and around the water for family, friends and guests. 




• Comfortable lightweight headband fits most swimmers

• Includes wristband or clip for toddlers

• One-time setup takes only a few minutes

• Works with goggles/swim caps

• Monitor up to 8 iSwimbands per iOS device

• Up to 100 foot range (dependent on environmental conditions)

• Includes free companion iSwimband app



“iSwimband” is creating quite a buzz and recently was voted the Best New Product at the 2013 International Pool and Spa Show.  For more information on the “iSwimband”, call 888-349-9246or visit www.iswimband.com


About iSwimband

Aquatic Safety Concepts LLC, the company behind iSwimband™, was founded by three fathers after one of their children’s classmates drowned at a town park. The 9-year-old boy was believed to have been submerged for 5 minutes before his body was finally found*. The tragedy occurred despite several lifeguards, day camp counselors, and even parents watching the water that day.

Deeply impacted by the needlessness of that event, and its effect on the entire community, the three founders realized that this was the purpose of their lives: to reduce – if not eradicate – the incidence of preventable drowning.

The result of eight years of collaboration with leading aquatic safety professionals and passionate engineers was the revolutionary Wahooo Swim Monitor System – the world’s first practical, affordable, and highly reliable technology designed for the prevention of needless and avoidable drowning in commercial facilities. Wahooo SMS is now deployed at a number of lakes and pools, dramatically increasing swimmer safety at these facilities.

With the introduction and mass appeal of Apple’s Bluetooth-enabled iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch, it became possible for ASC to create and offer a portable personal drowning detection system for parents and caregivers – iSwimband**. iSwimband takes advantage of these devices’ enormous computing power and wireless capabilities to create a safer swimming environment in pools, lakes, resorts, even spas and bathtubs.

Use iSwimband every time your loved ones swim or when toddlers are near the water. iSwimband helps to keep them safe and offers you peace of mind. Swim smart, swim SAFE with the Wahooo iSwimband.

For more information about Wahoo SMS call 888-349-9240 or visit www.WahoooSMS.com.

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