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Moneual Unveils Hybrid Robot that Tracks Progress at 2014 CES


Las Vegas – January 5th, 2013 – Moneual, designer of innovative home products that improve quality of life, launches the RYDIS H68 Pro, a hybrid vacuum with unique Smart Vision Mapping technology that maps and tracks the best path for cleaning. The new hybrid robot is capable of mopping and vacuuming simultaneously or performing each task separately, making the H68 Pro the all-in-one answer for spotless floors and carpets. The H68 Pro features a Big Mop Pad covering half of the bottom of the RYDIS, complete with an H2O tank that’s 25 percent bigger than others in the category, making it the largest in the industry.

The latest product in Moneual’s Better Home, Better Life line, the H68 Pro features cutting-edge, smart robotic technology. With Smart Vision Mapping technology capable of tracking its own location to develop effective cleaning patterns, the RYDIS H68 Pro truly pushes the boundaries of automation. Using Smart Vision Mapping, the RYDIS H68 Pro will outline a wall-to-wall path to ensure every surface and corner is covered. The Deep Clean mode covers the room vertically then horizontally. The Double Deep Clean mode goes over the Deep Clean path for a second time to ensure spotless floors, carpets and exceptional performance.

Rydis H68 Front and Back

Forty-two omnidirectional sensors detect obstacles and avoid collision with walls and furniture. RYDIS H68 Pro’s H2O tank supplies water to the Big Mop Pad for the entire cleaning cycle through a self-dampening mechanism that is able to supply moisture. RYDIS H68 Pro comes with both wet and dry mop reusable pads for optimal convenience.

Designed to save you time for a better quality of life, the RYDIS H68 Pro is able to deliver three cleaning modes including mopping and vacuuming, mopping alone and vacuuming alone, allowing you use the new touch button on its surface to sit back and relax as your floors and carpets are cleaned for you. RYDIS H68 Pro will even use a unique sweep pattern that cleans back and forth three times in a straight line, ensuring your mopping and vacuuming is maximized to provide the deepest polish.

RYDIS H68 Pro features twin side brushes customary of all Moneual robot vacuums, a main brush for larger dirt particles, powerful BLDC suction motor and a high efficiency filter  that captures 99.5 percent of particles 0.3 microns or larger. RYDIS’ BLDC motor offers a longer lifespan of more than 5000 hours, which is 10 times longer than current market competitors. The BLDC is also much quieter than standard DC motors.   Moneual also uses a Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery created from eco-friendly materials to deliver long-lasting power and durability when stacked against conventional lithium batteries.

Featuring ONR Technology also known as Shadow Cleaning, RYDIS H68 Pro light sensors will detect shaded areas to selectively target overlooked places. At a slim 3.23 inch height, the RYDIS is capable of getting under the couch or bed, allowing the robot vacuum to clean the places you can’t get too, making it the perfect companion for a Better Home, Better Life.

Moneual plans to release the RYDIS H68 Pro for purchase in Spring 2014. In the meantime, Moneual’s latest innovation will be displayed at CES Unveiled at the Venetian along with their five Innovations Award Honorees. You can also visit the 5,500 square foot Moneual booth #13035 in Central Hall. The H68 Pro will be in true demo form, showing off all of its unique capabilities.


Moneual brings together fresh design and innovative technology to deliver products that save you time and deliver a Better Home, Better Life. Comprised of two-thirds engineers and designers, Moneual is internationally recognized for advanced engineering and inventive design, being the recipient of the Microsoft Innovation Award and 21 CES Innovation Awards since 2008.  For more information on a Better Home, Better Life visit www.moneualusa.com

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