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On-Phone-Review: LensMag for Samsung Galaxy S4


Have you ever tried to take a really fancy close up picture of something with your camera phone and failed miserably? Don’t feel bad I have too. But don’t worry because Carson has come up with an easy to use and simple piece that will allow you to take those artsy photos of butterfly faces, or Instagram your apple pie from the local bakery even better than before. Read on to find out how!


Everybody knows they secretly love to post close up pictures of their food on Instagram. I mean come on thats the only reason Instagram was invented. That being said, this LensMag is the perfect tool to enhance your close up pictures. Sure you could zoom in or put the phone really close but it wont give you the same effect as this 10 or 15 times zoom.


A lot of people like to take high quality photos with an enhanced zoom. Some people will spend a lot of money on filters and lenses that can do that. But if you are just interested in messing with your Samsung Galaxy S4 and taking some pretty cool shots this is the lens for you. This one is designed with simplicity in mind. No tools, glues or anything to bother with. Simply click it on and your done! When your done, just unclick it and put it back in the case.


The pictures are pretty cool actually with this lens also. I renacted their demo and zoomed in on a 5 dollar bill’s 5 dollar mark in the corner. You can really see the detail of the threads and everything. However you do have to hold the camera very still or it will be blurry. So honestly if you are looking for a neat lens for a cheap price that will take awesome interesting pictures, grab a hold of this one and have a blast!

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