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Prelaunch Connects Consumers and Brands on New Platform for Pre-orders


Prelaunch is the first and only platform that connects established brands with consumers to offer pre-orders, gather market insights and collaborate before launching new products. The website www.prelaunch.com is now live and offering pre-orders on a collection of new products announced at CES, which reflect the international show’s growth in goods for wearable tech.
“Prelaunch brings brands and consumers together, providing early access to new and exciting products while discovering how to elevate the retail experience once products officially launch,” says Donald Brewer, co-founder of Prelaunch. “We believe that consumers have a lot to say about the products they love and can play a vital role in helping brands successfully bring new products to market.”
As a curator of new and exciting products, Prelaunch provides a reach into a segment of early adopter consumers who can influence the products that they follow with feedback and early market insights. Consumers visiting Prelaunch.com can interact with brands and the site has future plans to support forum discussion boards.
Prelaunch offers brands a set of tools to manage the direct marketing opportunity, generate buzz, gather market data and drive sales. The analytics provided by Prelaunch qualify demand on product options and reveal demographics so that brands can accurately plan inventories and strategies for launch. This reduces production risks and ensures that marketing efforts are data-driven and tested.
Consumers can join the Prelaunch community at www.prelaunch.com. Companies can learn about the benefits of partnering with Prelaunch by contacting Beth Newill at bethn@prelaunch.com.
About Prelaunch
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Prelaunch is the first and only platform that partners with established brands to offer pre-orders to a network of early-adopter consumers before launching new products. Scheduled to go live on January 14, 2014, consumers will go to Prelaunch.com to find out what’s next in various product categories and directly interact with their favorite brands and products, ultimately influencing their marketing and development. Prelaunch will also provide brands with market intelligence to help direct inventory planning, product messaging and other marketing efforts. Prelaunch will serve as a vehicle to generating excitement and insights before launching new products.

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