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Do you want to get caught up on the Cerebral Overload Podcast?  Here is the list of all of our podcats from day one. Get crackin and be prepared for the next great episode.


Episode 1: The Phone Overload 

Episode 2: Planes Games and Automobiles

Episode 3: Dumb Dumber adn the Hexapod  

Episode 4: This Is An Obamanation

Episode 5 : The Google Menace

Episode 6: Why is the Rum Gone

Episode 7: Smell Smell Bang Bang

Episode 8: Hasta La Vista Ambercrombie

Episode 9: BBM For All While Google Drops The Bass

Episode 10: Three Studs And A Jerk ( Guest Star Nick from Joystick Jerks)

Episode 11: Racist Teens Rejoice

Episode 12: Theres A Moth In The Living Room And I Don’t Like It

Episode 13: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Episode 14:  Hackers Worm Their Way into Apple

Episode 15: Mans Best Friends, Footbal Porn and A Robot

Episode 16: One VS 4

Episode 17: A Dingo Ate Your Saints Row Episode 18 It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No It’s A Flying Bike

Episode 19: Pocket NSA

Episode 20 How Bear You Otter Than Name

Episode 21: Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Episode 22: The Epic Return Of The 3 Amigos  

Episode 23: The Shitnet Strikes Back

Episode 24: Kobayshi

Episode 25: Sprechen Sie Dick

Episode 26: NSA Gets The Shaft

Episode 27: Crack Is Whack

Episode 28: Grand Theft Fruit

Episode 29: OBenama

Episode 30: Granny Theft Auto

Episode 31: You’ve Goat To be Kidding Me

Episode 32: News Team Assemble

Episode 33: Copyright Infringement! 

About boaks

Ben is the Editor-In-Chief for Gizmofusion, I am also the owner of Cerebral-overload.com and the Verizon Wireless Reviewer for Techburgh.com. Ben’s love of gadgets came from his lack of a Nintendo Game Boy when he was a child . Ben vowed from that day on to get his hands on as many tech products as possible. Ben’s approach to a review is to make it informative for the technofile while still making it understandable to everyone. Ben is a new voice in the tech industry and is looking to make a mark wherever he goes. When not reviewing products, Ben is also a 911 Telecommunicator just outside of Pittsburgh PA. Twitter: @gizmoboaks Hangouts: Beavercountyemt Skype: Ben.Oaks

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