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Hands On: Audiovox 10.1 Inch DVD Player With Flip Down Screen


Bored kids make any trip take longer than it should, or at least is seems that way.  Audiovox has the solution to your problem with their 10.1 inch LED Back Lit DVD player with flip down screen.  With this DVD player, you can not only watch DVD’s but with the added options, you can play video games with an add on controller, connect your XBox, Playstation, or Wii in via a built-in HDMI port or the optional second HDMI port, watch live TV through an optional adapter, or watch movies or listen to music via a USB port. Lets put the DVD Player through its paces shall we.

First off, professional installation is recommended but for anyone with some automotive and electrical knowledge, this can be installed in your garage in a little over and hour or so. One of the nice features esthetically is that Audiovox provides you with 3 different color trim panels ( shale, pewter, black) to match the interior of your vehicle.

For listening to the DVD/Game/Music you have your choice of the included wireless headphones, or through your vehicles stereo via the built-in FM Transmitter.  The FM Transmitter has 100 different channels that you can be guaranteed to find an open channel for static free sound.

To control the DVD player you can either use the included remote or the controls on the DVD player itself. The remote is full function so you can control everything without having to reach up to the DVD player. There are 10 buttons on the DVD player itself. These are Power, Play/Pause,  Up/Down/Left/Right Buttons, Home/Menu, Stop, Eject, Source/Select.

For those of you that have to remove interior lighting to install the Overhead DVD player, Audiovox has included 2 LED lights on their player that you can have function as your normal interior lights would, or have them always off. There is a three position switch on the side to control them.

When you turn on the DVD player you can choose which input device you would like to use. You have the choice of DVD, USB, HDMI 1 or 2, Media (for Apple Devices), AV, Aux, Digital TV (with additional module), and Game (with add on ).

Audiovox has included multiple options to customize your viewing experience whether you are watching a DVD, Live TV, or watching a movie or video via the USB Port. You can change the screen size to either 4:3 or 16:9.  If you don’t want your kids sneaking a movie in that you don’t want them watching, you can set the max rating for the movies you choose to allow them to see. All of this can be password protected to make sure they don’t change any of your settings.

If your kids just want to listen to music, the Audiovox DVD player will play MP3 or WMA CD’s or MP3 and WMA audio from your USB Thumb Drive.

The video quality on the DVD player is excellent and makes for a great viewing experience in your car. The screen resolution is 1024 x 600 with over 1 million pixels. Video quality from your USB device will all depend on what quality the media is on your USB Drive.  The multiple options  that Audiovox has added to this Overhead DVD player will make sure that your kids are happy by providing multiple ways for them to enjoy their music and movies through multiple sources with the ability to use USB, HDMI, and AV inputs as well as the DVD Drive.

The IR headphones work very well for listening to your movies and have great battery life. They are powered by 2 AAA batteries that are included in the package. As said earlier, you can also listen to the audio through your cars speakers via the FM Transmitter.

The Audiovox 10.1 Inch Flip Down DVD Player is available for $529.99 from  or $499.99 on

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