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OpinioN8: A Mess of Olympian proportion



HI there folks we are going to get into a bit of a hard talk about this year’s Winter Olympics and the poor choice made with it’s location.
First things first my greatest thanks and appreciation to anyone involved with the Olympics, mad props to you for all the hard work and dedication. Good luck to you all and may the gold rain upon you.
We as the planets populous allowed a group for people do decide to throw the winter Olympics in a country that was ok throwing away $51 billion dollars away on building this Olympic platform. Russia is not a strong economy to begin with why they would spend this kind of money blows my mind.
Currently in Russia they have a minimum monthly wage of only $208US. You can’t buy groceries for a month on that much. They do offer various programs like any country but come on when you have a country with a 5.6% unemployment rate and that low of a monthly minimum you couldn’t think of something better to spend $51Billion on. With 5.6% unemployed with a population of 143million that means you could have invested in bringing in permanent jobs for those 8million people. Not saying all 8 million would get a job but a lot of people could have benefited.
It is not like Russia has the highest unemployment rate % but 8million people is a lot of people in need.
Other countries that have hosted the Olympics have been chastised over the amount the spent. Like China who spent 44billion on the games but guess what they made 146 million in profits. They also are one of the highest exporters in the world so they are pretty self-maintained and only a 4% unemployment rate. Canada did the Vancouver games and that only cost 6.4 billion and us Canadians almost wanted to Riot.

Here is another problem most countries that get involved in the Olympics look at how it will help the further drive to their economy. I.E tourist, investors of new business, growth of exports and so on. This driven by how well they execute such a complicated and cherished program to the world. Essentially what that country is saying is “HEY WORLD LOOK AT ME WE CAN DO BUSINESS TOGETHER”. In the case of this year’s monstrosity of the winter games it shows how Russia is more trying to look the part then being the part.
Final thoughts
Set up or step off. There is no reason for this kind of flamboyant parade from President Putin trying to flex his media muscle showing the world something that is not even there. If Russia trying to make history they will but not in the positive changing the world kind of way but in fact how they BLEW IT.


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