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Visualize: A look into Samsung and the wonders of 4K (UN55F9000)

Samsung UN55f9000 was one of the first companies to drop 4k in to the main stream TV industry.

With Samsung being among the TOP 3 TV manufactures we all expect great things from there take on 4K.

Let’s begin!


Most people find that aesthetics to be as important as the picture quality. Who wants a black brick hanging above a fireplace? The TV is sexy as sexy gets. The unit is a clone on the UN55F8000. The screen is surrounded by a thin black bezel with a chrome trim hugging the outer rim. The pedestal is all chrome and in the shape of a crescent moon (or a Klingon Bat’leth for you treckies). When you see this TV its mere presences is commanding.
The dimension without pedestal are (WxHxD)
49”x 28.3”x 1.5”…..wait only 1.5” ARE YOU CRAZY SAMSUNG? AMAZING!!!!

ca_UN55F9000AFXZC_009_Right-Perspective_blacksamsung backIMAG0086IMAG0079


One of the reasons that this TV is so thin is because of the Evolution Kit. All your inner connect’s plug in to a unit that can be kept with all your other components, only requiring one cable feeding to the TV.  This means that down the road if a new type of connection comes out and Samsung releases a new Evo kit your TV will be up to date.

Looking to watch sports and other fast paced programming this TV is equipped with 1200 clear motion. This means with the processor, software enhancements and the 240Hz refresh rate it is the highest level of reduced motion blur you can get from Samsung. With the 4k resolution of 3840 x 2160 you will get top notch viewing of UHD programing.

Picture Quality:

The picture has such small pixels that even from 2 feet away it is extremely hard to detect them,which helps to  keep a tight picture on 4K.  There is a cool feature Samsung uses called micro dimming; this means instead of an ambient sensor dimming the whole picture and there for making all your colour dim it focuses on dimming certain pixels (like the whites).

There is nothing more detailed on this TV then watching a 4K feed . While watching a Samsung created 4K feed I was impressed by the amazing colour quality and crystal clear image that allow you to see smallest detail from substantial distance.  Howerver when watching this TV via HD cable feed or Blu-ray it is a different story.  I reviewed the TV with the following movies and shows.

Despicable me:  Great colour but did get a little grainy.
NFL:  Motion blue still there but better than a lot of other TV’s.
Iron Man 2:  Great colour again but people looked like they were made from plastic

Features of software:

Samsung Smart hub is one of my favorite smart interfaces.  Some people think is cluttered but I am a fan. You get everything you need broken down exactly as you would use it and one of the best app selection.  Kind of smart really. The 3D on this is the same as any other Samsung TV pretty good and comes with 4 pairs of active glasses so the family can enjoy Yogi Bear 3D all together on a Friday night.
Smartphone/Tablet integration is amazing specifically if you are you Samsung smartphone like a Galaxy s4. Many Phones and Tablets have a feature called screen mirroring. This will allow your phone or tablet to mirror directly on to the TV which is great if you are going through a Blastron tournament or Angry Birds.


 You can also launch a movie or show from your phone or tablet to the TV and still go back to your phone to check email or your favorite review site (www.Cerebral-overload.com).IMAG0077

There is a camera on here as well. Really only useful for 2 things #1 Skype This feature works really well just make sure the lights are on.  #2 gesture control and as that goes it is a cool feature but irritating a hell to use . Also need to make sure lights are on.

Final thoughts are simple and clear. Great Picture on 4K, Loaded features, and pretty to look at even when it is off. But at the end of the day you are looking at a UN55F8000 with 4K.  I would wait for a couple more months.


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