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Bring The Noise: Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones



So a little while back we took a look at the Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear. Well now the folks at Sennheiser sent us the Onn-Ear counterpart.The On-Ear came in similar packaging to the over ear foam lined box with your cargo packaged nice inside to ensure its safe delivery. Also included in the box is a carrying case and bag, and two audio cables one for your cell phone with inline mic (also has volume controls for Apple users) and a straight 3.5mm cable.



Just like the over ear they hit it out of the park with design on the On-Ear. First off you are greeted with a stainless brushed aluminum band wrapped with soft Alcantra, which is a artificial substitute for suede so you get the style and comfort but not the added price.

They also wrap the ear cups in the Alcantra which makes it comfortable for listening for hours on end another added bonus is the ear pads are sweat resistant so when summer comes or if you’re wearing them at the gym you won’t ruin the fabric. All I keep coming back to with the design not only is it flawless but the comfort I forget I have these on if I am watching a movie or just listening to music.



Sound Quality

Here is a breakdown of the On-Ear:
Max. Sound pressure level @ 112dB
Impedance 18ohms
Total harmonic distortion <0.5%

When using the On-Ear I was quite happy especially when combined with the Beats Audio in my HTC One that combination just made it a great experience. I would like to have had the in line controls work on my HTC. Aside from the inline dislike I would strongly suggest these to any other audio junkie and for $249 you cannot go wrong. So head over to Sennheiser and find your nearest dealer!

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