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ABOX42 provides 3rd generation IPTV STB Solution to built next generation of HTML based IPTV Services


Karlsruhe, April 2014 – ABOX42 (www.abox42.com), leading provider of IPTV & OTT DVB Smart STBs and services, announces the availability of its new 3rd generation IPTV Smart STB Solution. The new software solution for the ABOX42 M-Series Smart STBs allows operators and system integrators to quickly built modern and advanced IPTV solutions.

The 1st generation IPTV was mainly used in DVB STBs with native DVB GUI and certain IPTV extensions. The 2nd generation IPTV offered embedded middleware solutions with first interactive functions like network PVR, VOD and custom implementation of apps.

Now ABOX42´ 3rd generation allows operators, middleware developers and system integrators to built the GUI in HTML, include both IPTV & OTT channels, integrate 3rd party SmartTV apps and base their services on a modern HTML based multi screen middleware.

The ABOX42 3rd generation IPTV solution offers a combination of unique features and services:

·         Fast browser based HTML5 user interface (GUI) to quickly built compelling user experience and gain flexibility for an easily extension of features.

·         Support of unicast channels in channel list (e.g. HLS) allows the operator to increase its channel line up without increasing the multicast backbone with a mix of multicast and unicast channels.

·         Multiple cardless CAS and DRMs are supported to protect Pay TV, VOD and OTT content. This gives the operator the flexibility to use content from different head ends with multiple DRM systems at the same time on one STB platform.

·         HbbTV / RedButton support to comply with broadcaster’s requirements and to get latest services like catch-up TV.

·         Local, network time shift and PVR support.

·         Interactive EPG with pictures and add on information.

·         Support of 3rd party VOD services to release the operator from the need to offer its own service and to give the user additional choice.

·         Support of 3rd party SmartTV apps, based on the Smart TV Alliance SDK, support apps which run on major TV brands like TP Vision (formerly known as Philips), Panasonic, LG and Toshiba.

·         Support of 3rd party multiscreen middleware solutions to allow a quick deployment of the ABOX42 solution.

·         Support of ABOX42 SmartSDK, ABOX42 Smart Solutions (e.g. for Life Cycle Management), ABOX42 Smart Mobile Toolkit.

·         Upgradable to ABOX42 OTT DVB solution to give the operator the freedom to mix IPTV and OTT delivery in its network or over the open Internet.

“We face more and more operators who want to upgrade the current 1st or 2nd generation IPTV deployments to the next level of functionality and user experience,” said Matthias Greve, CEO of ABOX42 GmbH. „Our 3rd generation IPTV solution provides to operators and system integrators leading tools to develop and deploy their next generation services without changing their complete infrastructure.“

The solution is based on open internet standards and a fast HTML5 browser. The platform approach from ABOX42 and the built in life cycle management allow the operator to roll out new features and services over time on the deployed Smart STBs.

The 3rd generation IPTV solution is part of the ABOX42 software solution for operators, developers und system integrators. It runs on both the current M-Series Smart STBs and the next generation 4K, h.265 X-Series Smart STB platform.


Demo and development units of the Smart STBs are now available. Find more informations on developer.abox42.com.





About ABOX42

ABOX42 (www.abox42.com) is a leading provider of IPTV & OTT DVB Smart STBs, with 5 years expertise and knowledge in end-user mass-market products and a deployment of over 120 OTT applications. ABOX42 developed a new generation of Smart STBs for the global market. The ABOX42 Smart STB platform is the ideal solutions for any IPTV & OTT content and service provider, who are aiming to provide an own STB for its services to its customers. The ABOX42 Smart STB platform was designed for fast moving OTT providers, cable operators, IPTV providers and Internet service companies. With its powerful Smart SDK, the Smart SaaS Services and additional Smart Solutions, the ABOX42 platform offers its customers a short project cycle, short lead times in production and includes lifecycle management for ongoing software maintenance and service updates.

For further information about ABOX42`s STB platforms and solutions visit www.abox42.com.

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