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Hands On: iRig Mic and Recorder by IK Multimedia


When making our podcast, it’s difficult to get a good sound with low quality equipment. Thanks to IK Multimedia and the iRig Mic, we can get great sound quality at an affordable price. The iRig Mic fits that bill and more.

Prior to the iRig Mic I had been using a gaming headset to record out podcast. While this worked ok,  it didn’t always lend to good sound. With the iRig Mic this all changed.

The iRig Mic is designed to work not only with spoken voice, but also  with vocals, musical instruments, and group recording.

Listen to a sample below of the quality of sound from the iRig Mic with the iRig Recorder.

The iRig Mic has, instead of a power switch, a switch to adjust for the type of recording you are doing.  This switch changes the Gain of the Mic so you can record soft sounds as well as loud group conversations.  The iRig Mic uses a condenser-electric microphone capsule to be able to give you this great sound in all conditions. The cover over the electronics gives you good filtering of your P and T sounds and also does well on filtering out some wind.

The iRig Mic attaches to your device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The plug is designed so you can also plug your headphones into the device to listen to your recordings, or if you use Skype, to listen to the conversation.  This gives you a studio like quality look and feel to your recording session.

The iRic Mic comes with the Mic, Cable, and Mic holder that will fit on most Mic stands, The Mic holder has an adapter to accommodate 2 different size Mic stands. The Mic holder is made from plastic with a metal insert so you don’t have to worry about stripping plastic threads.

IK Multimedia has a great suite of apps to go with the iRig Mic.  Vocal Live, a free app, gives you a total of 12  audio effects and real-time recoding.  The effects include EQ,  Reverb, Pitch Correction, Choir Harmonizer,  Voice Doubler, Vocal  Morpher, De-esser, Compressor, Delay, Envelope Filter, Chorus, Phazer. These effects give you big studio quality in your home or car, or wherever you use your phone.

The next app is iRig Recorder Free.  I use the paid ($4.99) version of this app to record the Cerebral Overload Daily Minute. This app gives you real-time recording and editing capabilities, along with mic adjustments to give you the best sound and playback possible.  There is setting for both sound in from the mic and sound out to either headphones or speakers. The Recorder App has the ability to clean up and remove background noise from your audio as well as cut and past sections you would like to remove or move to a different spot on your recording.  You can also edit speed and pitch of your recordings. Once you have your recording edited and saved, you can export the file from your device via iTunes  Files, Wi-Fi, Sound Cloud, FTP or E-Mail. This gives you great options to share your recordings no matter what devices you use.  The iRecorder works great and is easy to use if you want a simple and straight forward way to record audio.  The app is very easy to learn to use with very little learning curve. It also has all the options you need to produce a podcast, or just record you musical endeavors to listen back to them to see how you sound.

If you are looking to use this mic for things like internet Podcast or live streams, the iRig Mic will work with most popular programs. I use the iRig Mic with Skype on both my iPhone 5 and Android phone and it works great.

A recent new edition is the inclusion of the iRig Recorder App for Android devices. This gives those of you with only Android Devices to enjoy the same great quality recording quality that the iPhone community has.

Overall, the iRig Mic in itself is built with good quality materials and can stand up to studio use. The Mic clip itself is very well-built also and holds the mic firm. The ability to use this mic for both personal use and with a group makes it a great product for the price.

Check out for the iRig Mic and all the other great products they offer.




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