Hands On: Secur Sun Power Bank 4000

Secure Sun Power

I hate when I forget to charge my power bank and my phone is about dead. If it’s a sunny day and I have my Secur Sun Power Bank 4000 i’m good to go.  The solar powered battery pack keeps you going, even when off the grid.


The Secur Power Bank can be powered by either by the sun, or via a wall outlet. The Secur Sun Power Bank has a microUSB input with an included cable that charges the power bank from wall power. To charge your devices, the Secur Sun Power Bank has two different options. First is a USB port that you can plug in any USB cable to charge whatever device you have. The second option is a microUSB cable that is built into the Power Bank. This cable lets you charge most of your Android/ BlackBerry/ Windows phone. You can use the USB plug to charge your iPhone/iPod/iPad. There is a second cable built into the Power bank that has a USB plug that lets you plug the Power Bank directly into your wall plug for your phone or other device.

To tell the charge state of the Secure Sun Power Bank, there are 4 green LED lights on the front of the Power Bank. In the first green light, there is a red LED that illuminates when the Sun Power Bank is being charged via solar power.

To charge your device, you plug your device in and then press the power button. The green lights illuminate, and your device begins to charge. The 4 green LED lights will turn off as the Power Bank charge is depleted.

Charging time will vary depending whether you charge via solar power or wall outlet.

The solar cells on the Secur Sun Power Bank is 21.5% efficient (which is very efficient for solar panels) will charge the Power Bank in roughly 14-18 hours of sunlight. The Secure solar cells are made to accept a wide range of sunlight so you do not need direct sunlight to get some charging power. If charging via the USB port, charge time is 3-4 hours depending on the power output of the USB plug you use.

To help you keep your Power Bank in the sun when hiking or camping, the corner is made so you can run a string through it to hang the solar charger around your neck or off of your backpack.

The Secur Sun Power Bank 4000 has a 4000 mAh battery inside. This will let you charge a Galaxy S5 almost 2 times, The HTC One M8 almost twice, and the iPhone 5S almost 3 times.

Overall the Secur Sun Power Bank 4000 is a great way to keep your devices charged while out hiking or out camping for the weekend. The ability to charge the Power Bank without direct sunlight is what gives the Secure one step ahead of most of its competition.   Price is $69.00

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