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Opinon8: Reviewing our Social Media Life



Hey guys and gals I am writing this merely as a way to point out some of the fear of social media absorption and ironically you will likely read this because we posted this on your social page. LOL I know…

We now live in a world where social media is so ingrained in our lives that we are on our facebook, twitter, Google+, linkedin, tumblr far too much. Based on stats from 2012 we use social networking for what is equivalent approximately 240000 years collectively in one month. Average of 15 hours a month personally. Now in some cases there are people who use it in excess and others who only check it once a week.

There is a concern that there is more time spent on social networking then what some people who spend with their families.  I am one who enjoys the use of Social networking and in fact if it was not for social networking I would not have been reconnected with my daughter who I have not seen in 11 years. Love you Monica. There is a lot of good to social networking but my big issue now a days is how much we depend on it and how much the ones you love suffer for it.

Now a days we cannot go a day without checking some form of digital communication from our tablets, Cell phone, and computers. I am concerned that for me to talk to my kids it has to over text or facebook. What’s a phone call anymore???? A phone call is usually a telemarketer and or a bill collector.

I know that I rarely hangout with people anymore. I FB messenger, Hangouts, Twitter. I have not been to my best friend’s house in 4 months. I can’t remember the last BBQ party I have hosted.

I think that every week you should do a social cleanse. 1 day a week you or your whole family take all their electronics that are used to communicate with social media and lock them up. Hang out like we used to 10 years ago. Play a game, play a sport, Have movie day,Go out to the park for the day (maybe have a basic paygo flip phone for emergencies). I does not matter what you are doing as long as it is together.

There is not enough important crap going on with your social media that you can’t miss it for 1 day. Thank about it you would be giving yourself and your family 100% attention 52 time a year. Which is probably 52 times more a year then what’s happening right now.

As a society we are going to lose our identity 140 characters at a time. We will push our family away from having common interests and our friends will become not much more than a physical interruption to our digital existence.


Final thoughts:

I am not saying we need to abolish social media in fact it is important to us on a daily basis. We have found long lost people and brought them into our lives, we have found great deals of cool stuff, and we access most of our news and humor.

Give more attention to people that are around you not the people beyond your keyboard.




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