Hands On: Power Practical Lithium 4400 Battery Pack

Our next Power Bank we have for review is the Power Practical Lithium 4400 Battery Pack. This Power Bank not only has 4400 mAh of power to charge your devices. On top of just being able to charge your devices, the Battery Pack also features a 4 LED Light system that not only will show you the charge status of the Battery Pack, but doubles as a light that is great for camping or reading. Lets see  how the Power Practical Lithium handles.

Power Practical


The power practical is teardrop shaped and very strait forward to use. The top features 2 USB Plugs. One to charge the Battery Pack, and the other, to charge your device. On the front, is the 3 position switch. You have the options for off, Charger, and Light. The side has the 5 LED lights under a white translucent plastic. When on and charging, the LED lights are at a dimmed setting. The 4 LED lights show you the percentage the Battery Pack is charged. The lights also show you how much power is left when you are charging your device. When you switch the device to light, all 4 LED lights turn on full power to illuminate your way, whether you are camping and looking for a path to the outhouse, looking for the matches or lighter you dropped, or just want some light to read a book, the Power Practical Lithium 440 Power Bank will light your way.

On great thing about this Battery Pack is that even if the Pack has 25% charge or 100% charge, all 4 LED lights will shine bright when you turn them on. The lighting is bright enough to do everything mentioned above. You can also use the LED Lantern function while you charge your device.

The Battery Pack holds enough charge to power your iPhone 5s almost 3 times, Your Galaxy S5  1.5 times, and your HTC One M8  1.5 times also. Not bad for something that is this small that can double as your flashlight.

The Power Practical Lithium 4400 comes with a microUSB charging cable that charges both the Battery Pack and also most Android devices. If you have the Lightning Cable for your iPhone, you can also charge your iPhone with this Battery Pack.

If you use the Battery Pack for just lighting, you can get approx roughly 30 hours of use. This will decrease with any phone or tablet charging you do.

The Power Practical Lithium 4400 Battery pack is entered into a crowed market of Power Banks, but stands out from the crowd by including the LED Lantern to do double duty on camping trips or emergency situations.  Not only will it work great in your camping gear, keep one in your car for breakdowns or tire changes in the  middle of the night.

Overall the Power Practical Battery Pack is a great addition to add for your mobile devices. Price is $59.99 and available from . While your there, check out the other great devices they have for camping and everyday use.



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