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Two Reasons to Take a Defensive Driving Course

In most states, when you receive a ticket for a moving violation, it causes a point to be added to your driving record. Accumulation of these points can increase your insurance premiums. Points on your record can also lead to suspension of your driving privileges.
Just as it was some action you did that caused you to gain a point, and a ticket, there is another action you can take to get the point removed.

Two Reasons to Take a Defensive Driving Course
Taking a course in driver education is seen by many states as a reason to remove points from your driving record. Completing a course should be done as soon as possible. Many insurance companies won’t wait to increase your rates after you get a point, but they don’t immediately lower your payments after that same point has been removed. This is because to them a point means that you are a higher risk, and they will wait a while to see if the course you took was actually effective before giving you the lower rate you used to have.

Many people will take a course, get their certificate of completion and present it to the court, and as soon as their record shows the point has been removed, they will change insurance companies. This can often lower their rates back to a more normal payment level.

The ‘Problems’ of Defensive Driving Courses
Some people don’t want to take a drivers course – it takes time, it costs too much money, they’re boring, they’re too far away, and several other reasons, are given. In the state of Texas online defensive driving courses are now available, so these courses are now easier to take and finish. Most are still boring, and all require participants to pay for their certificate. For those who need a valid certificate to present to the court, and have worries about being bored to tears, they might want to look at a style of course that many might not be familiar with.

Comedy Defensive Driving courses might sound like a joke, but it’s a valid course from which participants can obtain a certificate that is valid for any court in Texas. They have been in business since 1989, and employ comedians from Hollywood to teach the courses. Research has shown that integrating lessons with other, more memorable, material increases retention of the lesson material itself, and defensive driving material is no different.

With this course, and with others that have been recognized by the state they are offered in, there is still a benefit to taking the course even if no moving violation has caused a point to be placed on a driving record. Many insurance companies will view completion of a defensive driving course as a sign that you have a lowered risk level, and may lower your rates. Rarely, this is automatically granted, but if you request it, you might be pleasantly surprised

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