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National Blog Post Month Review: Red Pen Mama


For our Best of the Burghosphere each of us who took part in this were given a blog to take a look at and not only let you know about it, but come up with a catchy category for the blog. I’ll warn you ahead of time, the category I came up with for Red Pen Mama was “Blogger Most Likely to Share More Than a Kardashian”.


Red Pen Mama is a mother with small from Pittsburgh. What’s great about Red Pen Mama is the fact that she’s a Typical Mother. Not the celebrity mother who wants you to believe that vaccines will give your kids autism or that Adidas makes the best clothing and that plastic surgery is the best thing since sliced bread.  None of that at all.

Her site is your  Mommyblog or Momblog or whatever term you would like to use.

Red Pen Mama was started in 2007 as a birthday present to herself.

If you read through her site from the beginning you will see that her and her family have been through both good times and bad. She is not afraid to share anything with her readers. She shares her lowest of lows, the loss of their son (even just reading her story made me feel for her and her family and gave this unemotional man so very emotional feelings) , to great things such as all that she is able to do with her husband and kids and the move to their new house

One great thing I like about Red Pen Mama is this isn’t just a read me and see my life. If you actually read through her posts she not only tells you about her life but gives resources and in site into what helped her through tough times, how she dealt with them and how they changed her for better or for worse. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She tell’s you like it is (even if the post is TMI in her own words).

There’s nothing she shy’s away in her blog either. Whether it be problems with her kids, to wanting a raise, to the life she has with her family, it’s all out on the table. While doing my research for this post I found one thing she said very interresting and it has stuck with me since, ” You don’t marry a person, You marry a life”.

That just struck a note with me comming from the family I have with step kids and my wife now having a step son. I never thought about it that way until I read her post.

My take from Red Pen Mama is this is a site you can got to to be able to see the ups and downs in peoples lives. Sometimes you make think your life is falling apart or maybe your life isn’t the best. Red Pen Mama has also seen the ups and downs in life and is willing to share those moments to let you know you are not alone. I’m not sure of the reasons she blogs with such intensity and openness, whether it is a form of therapy for her, or just her willingness to let the world see that we are all human, but I’m really glad I was given her blog for your Best of the Burghosphere. It’s a great blog that i wish everyone would check out.

Thanks to Most Wanted Fine Art in Pittsburgh for putting this together



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