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CES: The Worlds First Tailored Audio Device: Sands, Hall G Booth number #82026

  • Aumeo is about next-level audio personalization. Everyone hears differently and Aumeo is the first device that tailors music to your unique hearing.
  • Aumeo offers crisper, better sound without sacrificing hearing. Aumeo lets music lovers hear all the music without ear-straining or ear-damaging volumes because it tailors sound to your ears’ sensitivity.
  • Aumeo fills a gap in the audio market. Until now audio products still takes a one-size-fits-all approach by assuming everyone hears the same. Our audio-tailoring technology puts the music lovers’ ears back in charge for a highly personalized audio experience.

Filling A Gap In The Audio Market

“Audio consumers have been raising their standards in the past few years, but we still live in a one-size-fits-all world of where audio products don’t take your unique hearing into account,” CEO of Aumeo Audio Paul Lee explains.

“It’s a medical fact: we all hear differently and are sensitive to different sounds. If your audio profile is not taken into account, you might not hear certain details in your music clearly and would subconsciously turn up the volume to compensate, resulting in a subpar audio experience that damages your ears.”

Crisper, Better Sound Without Sacrificing Hearing

Based on technology that has been tested in clinical trials by professional audiologists, Aumeo’s innovation in audio tailoring has also won multiple awards, including two Wall Street Journal Asian Innovations Awards and a Talent Unleashed Award.

The device comes with a companion app for iOS and Android. Users can setup their device through the app and create their unique audio profiles using a series of tones. The audio profiles will be stored on the device and users can connect it to their favorite headphones and media player, such as smartphones, computers, TVs and hifi systems. The device will provide a tailored audio experience that enables crisper, truer sound while reducing listening strain and ear-damaging volumes, allowing users to enjoy music longer with less fatigue.

Positive And Passionate Following On Indiegogo

Aumeo Audio has successfully funded Aumeo in July 2015 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to the tune of over US$250,000—641% of its original goal of US$40,000 with over 2,400 enthusiastic backers.

Pricing And Availability

Aumeo and its companion app for personalized audio profiles are now available on aumeoaudio.com at US$199.

Product Specifications And Features:

  • Device dimensions: W55 x H55 x D12 mm
  • Material: Aluminum, matte finishing
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters
  • Battery: 8 hours, rechargeable
  • Colors: Gold, Silver and Black

Aumeo Audio will be debuted for the first time at CES. Reporters that are interested in samples, can notify the Aumeo team to get on the sample list for an early first-look at the product that will be available to consumers nationwide in 2016.

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