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Behind The Wheel: 2016 Cadillac ATS4 Coupe

Cadillac has been trying to reinvent themselves from your grandpa’s car to the cutting edge sports sedan. Well they have done a great job for the most part with the 2016 ATS4 Coupe that we had the pleasure of testing. Although the car did have some draw backs but overall it was a fun car.

ATS outside

With the ATS you get the fun of a sports car but the refinement of a Cadillac. But for me something was missing. Now the 325 horse powered 4-cylinder turbo engine wasn’t it; nor was it the impeccable AWD system. The performance of the ATS was on point with quick acceleration and the manual sport mode kept me in my seat.

So what was it? The ATS I tested was about $53,000 CAD and change so I expected it to have little disappointment. The interior was luxurious leather with great accents such as Cadillac running plates inside the doors and ample storage. The nice leather wrapped heated steering wheel was a great add-on especially in Canada.

ATS Inside


Ah I got it; the issue is the CUE system. I really have never enjoyed it’s lack of response sometimes and the screen vibrating when you touch it got old quick. I do have to say though that the theme on it suited the Cadillac perfectly because it was refined and simple. But you partner the CUE with the built in 4G and it just lags and randomly kicks devices off 4G without notice. It did work when used but just felt incomplete with some settings.



But the rest of the interior is immaculate. I loved the multi-contour seats because you could go from sitting in a sports car to the comfort of a grand tourer. Now if you had to go somewhere with more then 2 adults this is when it would get iffy. With my seat in a comfortable position no one could sit behind me — unless they did in a unsafe manor. I get Cadillac wants to have the 4 seats but honestly if they did a 2 seater I don’t think people would complain because it would give you much more needed trunk space too.

The ATS has great fuel economy which averages 23 MPG in City and about 32 MPG on highway; obviously this depends on weather and such but I was impressed with it. Now, would that get me to buy this for $53,000? Probably not but if you are looking for a fun 2 seater sports/grand tourer I would say get your butt down to your local Cadillac dealer and take one for a spin!


*Pictures supplied by General Motors

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