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SenCbuds™ – The Worlds First Self-Pausing Earbuds!

If you are like most people you multi-task all the time and don’t even think about it. You listen to music while you drive, you talk on the phone while you walk, you do more than one thing at once – and you are the reason we invented SenCBuds.


SenCBuds are the worlds first smart earbuds featuring a built in sensor that not only knows whether or not the earbuds are on your ears – but stops and start audio or video applications automatically based upon it. We paired this unique sensor technology with a convenient combination storage unit and manual control module that clips to your shirt, coat, pants pocket or elsewhere giving you the ultimate in convenience and freedom by allowing you to manually answer calls, turn the volume up or down and mute/unmute with the tap of a button.




When we built SenCBuds we wanted to make a quality product that would last a long time and offer superb performance.

Silicone Earpieces

SenCBuds earpieces are made from self-moulding silicone giving users the ultimate in comfort and a super-snug fit.

Gold Audio Jacks

Gold audio jacks offer superior conductivity cutting down on line noise by reducing static and therefore increasing audio performance.

SST Sensor

At the heart of SenCBuds is our patent pending SST sensor that knows when the user is wearing – or not wearing, the earbuds and pausing or starting audio or video applications.

SaniPolymers ®

SaniPolymers are a special type of anti-bacterial polymer additive developed by ParxPlastics. When added to a conventional polymer SaniPolymers imbue the plastic with the added benefit of being antibacterial – eliminating disgusting and potentially dangerous germs. We are proud to say that SanCBuds are made using this new, innovative technology.


  • 9mm Drivers
  • Sensitivity to 98DB
  • Impedance of 16Ω
  • Frequency Range of 5Hz to 25kHz

Long Life Battery

The SenCBuds battery powers the internal SST sensors and carries enough power for 17 days of use. The battery is quality and is guaranteed to have 500+ charge cycles, which means SenCBuds won’t need a new battery for over 20 years.



SenCBuds is the brainchild of innovator Dhaval Tanna and world renowned product designer Bas van Hove, SenCBuds  is the winner of prestigious iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award in 2016

While on a trip to San Francisco, Dhaval had a long conversation with a friend who told him about his experiences with working in a co-working space. He told Dhaval about his habit of listening to podcasts during work and about the many times that someone had come up to him to talk to him while he was in the middle of a podcast. Naturally, he would then take out his earphones and talk to whoever came up to him, but he would always get frustrated when realizing that his podcast had progressed to a completely different part in the meantime. That’s when Dhaval had the idea for SenCbuds – earphones that would pause what you were listening to once you take them out of your ears!

The more Dhaval thought about his idea, the more it became evident that this would not just be convenient during working hours, but also in the gym, outdoors or while travelling.

Now, approximately one year later, development of SenCBuds 1.0 is done and we are ready to bring SenCbuds to the world. Join us in making your life just a little bit easier.




Risks and challenges

Earbud design is a matter of style, preference and technical innovation. We have taken a design philosophy with SenCBuds that is one that places ergonomics and quality first because we believe this is the right course to chart for our product. There is always the inherent risk that in the marketplace that users will reject this philosophy of product design.

The reason we have decided to stick with our philosophy of product design is because of our faith that consumers will prefer to buy a quality product that is long lasting, well engineered and from an honest company over other options.

We are also nearing completion of a future model (SenCBuds 2.0) and all who purchase the 1.0 model will receive a discount of 25% on the new model when it becomes available.

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