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Bearded Review: The Hoard’s Akr Spiced Apple Bland Oil & Balm

Time to review something a little different. Like myself I’m guessing some of our male readers out in the world are bearded gentlemen. Well I know personally that these things can get itchy and pretty course. So I bumped into a local company called The Hoard that makes all natural beard oils, balms, deodorant, and body wash.

We got to talking and Ben the owner gave me a sample of oil and balm to give a go. So I did one week noting down without the oil then one week with the oil. I must say this stuff is awesome. My beard is softer, not itchy, and smells great. The scent I picked was Akr which is a spiced apple blend.



The oil is simple to use depending on hair your use as much as needed. The ingredients of this bear oil are Hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, castor oil, vitamin E, Essential & fragrance oils. One of the cool things as well is let’s say you have another brand and you love the smell but don’t want to put all the chemicals in your beard. Well if you let them know the scent and they can try to replicate or make your own custom scent and send it out.

As for the balm you can pick different scents or stick with it and it is coconut oil based and its great for keeping those stray hairs calm. Also allows you to have some shape to the beard, its not a gel so it won’t cause any issues after a while. The only thing I found with the balm is I play with my beard a lot and I kept getting some of the balm on my hands because it doesn’t soak up as quick.


But I must say if you are looking for some all natural beard oils or balms maybe even some new body wash and deodorant. Go to The Hoard and check out the collection and maybe even pick up some chain mail accessories as well!


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