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DSC Sport, Ridetech to Release C7 Active Suspension Packages

RideTech and DSC Sport have announced their partnership in the field of electronic suspension controls for the C7 Corvette Market.

DSC Sport of Jessup, MD has developed a replacement suspension ECU that will directly replace the OEM suspension ECU in the 2014-2017 C7 Corvettes and 2016-2017 Shelby Mustangs equipped with the Magneride magnetic shock system. RideTech of Jasper, IN will be one of the exclusive tuners and suppliers for this new interface.

Both companies will also be displaying the Tractive DDA coilover line; a line of top tier active dampers produced by Tractive Suspension and powered by the DSC Sport controller.

RideTech President Bret Voelkel commented: We feel that OEM electronic suspension control is an area that offers plenty of opportunity for increased performance. While the OEM engineers do a good job of tuning for a wide range of driving styles and climates, RideTech and DSC Sport are able to access and optimize the suspension tuning areas that matter most to driving enthusiasts.

DSC Sport founder, engineer, and driver Michael Levitas commented: I’ve been totally overwhelmed with the success of the C7 platform. With a few specs that we are free to give out to the rear caster angle and a DSC controller, the car is totally transformed in both ride quality and chassis brilliance. It flat out puts power down. My C7 with the tractive dampers is so good I turn off traction control as soon as I light it up!

Interest in the DSC Sport system for C7 increased considerably during the summer of 2016 after social media mogul, Matt Farah, offered his review of the system for his The Smoking Tire Youtube channel: “This car is amazing…It feels really good. It feels very confident. It feels very planted in the back. It feels good under braking in the front, and I’m definitely a fan.”

About DSC Sport:
Founded in 2007 by seasoned Grand-AM and IMSA driver, Michael Levitas, DSC Sport provides user definable, CAN-integrated active suspension solutions for, but not limited to, the biggest sports cars on the market. Levitas, who has an unwavering passion for sports cars and motorsports, saw a true need in 2005 for a sophisticated tunable damper controller. For this reason, Levitas engineered a suspension control system that provides cup car performance with uncompromised street comfort for all driving styles and road conditions. For more information about DSC Sport, please visit www.dscsport.com or contactjedwards@dscsport.com.

About RideTech:
RideTech was founded in 1996 by Bret Voelkel to bring [then new] air suspension technology to the hotrod and musclecar market with their patented ShockWave airshock. In addition to expanding to coilovers and other more mainstream suspension components, RideTech has taken the next step into digital suspension controls. For more information about RideTech, go to www.ridetech.com, or contactbret@ridetech.com.

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