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eVscope : A true revolution in space observation thanks to a telescope using amplified vision

Unistellar introduces the eVscope, its Enhanced Vision Telescope. Thanks to the combination of amplified light and interactive contents, the eVscope improves the observation quality and makes astronomy accessible to everyone. As a smart connected device, it allows even inexperienced observers to contribute to collaborative programs in astronomical research. 




A smart telescope

Thanks to its patent-pending combination of optics and electronics, the eVscope accumulates light from the observed astronomical objects and intensifies in real time their brightness directly into the eyepiece of the telescope. 



Left: traditional telescope / Right: eVscope 


Until now, observing a nebula or a faraway galaxy consisted in staring at a « grey spot », even with the highest quality expensive instruments. With the eVscope, colors and shapes of stellar objects finally appear, thus greatly increasing the pleasure of observation.


Moreover, the eVscope includes in its « digital brain », a field recognition system, which supports the astronomer in real time and provides a set of information on the studied object (distance, category, etc.): a pedagogical approach which popularizes


This onboard technology compares the observed elements with a global data base, allowing to synchronize and detect a wild range of stellar phenomenon. Even the inexperienced user can subscribe and register online on a collaborative platform and receive notifications to collect and share useful scientific pieces of information. This crowdsourcing feature makes the eVscope a new pedagogical player of the

astronomy research. Unistellar is currently working with a former member of the UN Planetary Defense workgroup to take advantage of this feature in asteroid watch, including potentially hazardous objects.


From Aix-en-Provence (France) to Las Vegas

After two years of research and technological development, the 3 partners and creators of Unistellar joined the competitiveness cluster OPTITEC, which gathers photonics and imaging players. 


« When we first met Unistellar, the start-up was initiating an industrialization process, and wanted to get closer to the OPTITEC cluster and the photonics/imaging sector. We immediately identified its innovation as an opportunity, and registered it as a 2017 CES’s candidate. This event is actually a great « ordeal by fire » for every technological start-up which wishes to develop.  After analyzing its profile, we linked Unistellar with some precious contacts so they may be well-prepared for this international introduction. Start-ups usually show a lack of preparation and need to be coached in order to face this very specific public. The CES shows a high level of expertise and a fierce competition in terms of technological innovations: the final jury

has to select the best among the best. » said Katia Mirochnitchenko, OPTITEC Director.


Thanks to an international and proactive positioning, OPTITEC is a member of

Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur (South of France) area’s best economic players, helping small companies and start-ups to value and promote regional knowledge and

technical skills worldwide.




About Unistellar:

This French company was created in June of 2015 by Arnaud Malvache, Laurent Marfisi and Antonin Borot, in order to achieve its projects of amplified-vision-telescope.  Unistellar has its headquarter in Meyreuil, near of Aix-en-Provence and received financial and human supports from many public and private institutions such as Bpifrance, French Ministry of Education and Research (I-Lab prize), Impulse technological incubator, French Tech, and Pays d’Aix Dévelopement. Eventually, Unistellar is also member of the competitive cluster OPTITEC. 

Arnaud Malvache, 31, is PhD in Optics and CNRS researcher in Signal Processing and Analysis. He designed his own adaptive optics LASER microscope for his experiments. He is the author of several scientific publications in Science and Nature journals.

Laurent MARFISI, 32, MSc in Industrial engineering, formerly worked for AIRBUS Helicopters and CEA where he managed technical projects related to plasma heating for ITER.

Antonin BOROT, 34, is PhD in Applied Optics and CEA researcher. He designed a high power femtosecond LASER. He is the author of several scientific publications in Nature journals.



Website: http://www.unistellaroptics.com  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unistellarscope  




Founded 10 years ago, the OPTITEC competitiveness cluster intends to federate South of France’s photonics and imaging actors. OPTITEC’s mission is to boost technology transfer from research to industry, developing a virtuous and growing ecosystem for the local companies. With more than 130 companies representing a turnover of €1,3 Md and 10 000 employees, OPTITEC labeled more than 300 collaborative projects for an amount of €550 M and €150 M of funding. In 10 years, 2 200 photonic direct jobs have been created. 

Photonics stands as a key technology (one of the 6 highlighted by the European Commission) and represents a global market of $500 billion in 2015, and registers a 6% growth rate each year.

Photonics and Imaging innovations are dedicated to various applications in the medical, transport, security, monitoring, communication, industry and agribusiness fields. 


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