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Hands On: Luxa2 Lavi X Sports Wireless Earbud Headset

Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for that runner of fitness buff in your life. Have a read and see how the Lavi X Sports Headset fared during our testing. 

As you can see, the Lavi X are 2 separate ear buds that fit both in the ear canal and over the ear. This helps keep them in place whether you are running a full sprint, or just out for an easy walk. Both ear buds have their own controls. This allows you to use one or both ear buds or just one. The controls are Power/Pause, Volume up/Skip Forward, and Volume down/Skip Backward.  The package comes with 3 sets of ear buds so you get a comfortable fit in your ear canal.  

To pair the Lavi X with your device, all you need to do is hold the power button down on one of the ear pieces until you hear the voice say pairing. Then go into your Bluetooth settings on your device and search for nearby devices. Once you see the Lavi X R or L in your list, tap that and your phone will automatically pair. Once this is done, all you have to do is turn on the other ear piece and you are good to go. It will automatically connect and you have stereo ear buds.

Since you have two separate ear buds, you could assume you would need 2 cables and two USB ports to charge both pieces. Luxa2 has include a Y USB cable that has one female end to plug into your power pack/wall outlet/USB port and 2 male microUSB tips to charge both ear pieces at once from one USB port. 

Once you have your ear pieces plugged in, it will take about an hour to fully charge. Once the headsets are charged, LUXA2 says you can get about 6 hours from a charge. I never got a full 6 hours, but at 5 hours and 30 minutes, you can’t get much closer to their max time. LUXA2 was able to accomplish this feat by embedding Bluetooth 4.2 into the ear buds.

So what happens if you are out running or in the middle of your workout and you get a phone call. No need to stop as the Lavi X have built-in microphones on both the left and right headset. This way, even if you are only using one, you can use the ear you want, and still answer the phone call. 

If you are worried about the ear buds being messed up by sweat or dumping some water on your head to cool off, fear not at the Lavi X are IPX 4 splash proof rated. Now you can’t use them to swim, but some water on them should be just fine.


Sound quality is good for something you would use for a workout or while doing outside work. While the sound is clear and crisp, don’t expect any head pounding bass from the 14.2mm drivers. 

The package comes with a hard case, both ear buds, 3 ear tips, and the Y charger.

You can purchase the LUXA 2 Lavi X Sports Wireless Ear Buds from Amazon for $39.99. They do offer Prime Shipping if you want to get them in 2 days.

Overall for under $40, these are a good set of ear buds to have whether you are working in the yard, in the Gym, or out training for the Boston Marathon.


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