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Baler Maintenance

Whether you’re recycling items or you are trying to decrease the amount of trash in a business, Miltek balers and compactors are an option that will make the work a bit easier. There are a few tips for maintaining the devices, and you want to make sure that you follow all of the proper safety tips as well so that you are’t injured.

Keep the area clean in front of the machine. This will help to keep it operating as smoothly as possible. If there is trash near the machine, it can attract pests, such as mice, that you don’t want in the building. It can also make it difficult to keep up with the items that you need to compact or bale if there is a large stack of items in front of the machine. Another reason is that you want a clear path to the levers and switches that operate the machine in the event of an emergency. If there is debris in the way, it makes operating the machine properly difficult.

Inspect all of the hydraulic systems. There shouldn’t be any kind of oil or other fluids leaking from the system. If there is, then you should shut the machine down until the bearings are inspected and the other components to ensure that there isn’t anything that is loose.

Most machines have an electric eye that will sense when trash is in front of the machine. If there is trash in front of the machine, then it will begin running automatically. This is a benefit as you don’t always have to be at the baler to operate it, but it can also be detrimental at times if the wrong items are detected and get baled. The beam could be blocked by dust or other types of debris. If the eye becomes blocked, it can’t function and do it’s job properly, which would mean that the trash that does need to get compacted or baled doesn’t get completed. On the other hand, the machine could run constantly if it thinks that there is always trash in the way, which can use more electricity and overwork the system.

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