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Kicker Intros New Marine Amplifiers

KICKER Performance Audio reveals its newest line of KXM-Series Marine Amplifiers, six powerful, weather-resistant amplifiers which will be available at Authorized KICKER Dealers in-store and online by late first quarter.

The KXM-Series Amplifier line showcases several new features, the first of which is one-Ohm stability on the KXMA1200.1 mono amp, as well as the subwoofer section of the KXMA800.5 five-channel amp. The improvement allows for even more complex subwoofer configurations.

The mono and five-channel amplifiers are also equipped with KickEQ+variable, 18dB/octave bass boost, plus a variable 24dB subsonic filter with adjustable frequency control, and a full-range RCA pass-through for easy system expansion.

The new KXARC™ wireless Bluetooth LE® remote will come standard with the KXMA.1 and the KXMA.5 amplifiers, and it will offer a convenient way to monitor and change vital controls on the amplifier without the need for long wire runs between the amp and controller. Features like gain, bass boost, SHOCwave™ bass restoration levels and signal clip are now easily monitored from anywhere on the boat. A single remote will control as many as four KXM-Series mono or five-channel amps simultaneously.

KXM-Series Full-Range Amps feature a massive, eight-channel model for amazing configuration versatility. At 100 watts per channel at 2 Ohms, the KXMA.8 supplies Class-D amplification for the best in efficiency, flexibility and sound quality without draining the boat’s battery.

All KXM-Series Amplifier also include a special gain control with a built-in clip indication light, making amplifier optimization easier than ever before. KICKER has also integrated a DSP-controlled preamp for superior sound quality, and updated FIT2™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology) into the amplifiers to ensure a flexible, noise-free signal from virtually any receiver – without the additional expense of a line-out converter.

All KXM-Series Amplifiers are built specifically for the rigors of life on the water. The side-mounted acoustic controls are easily accessed even under a seat or on top of an enclosure, and shielded by a gasket-sealed door for protection from the elements. In addition to a moisture-deterring conformal coating on the circuit boards, all power connections are ABYC/NMMA compliant.  Rust-proof, stainless-steel installation hardware is also included.

KICKER Performance Audio products, a division of Stillwater Designs and Audio, Inc.®, are available for the mobile and home audio aftermarket at authorized retailers worldwide, and also as Original Equipment for automobile manufacturers. Consumers seeking more information on KICKER or Livin’ Loud® may call the Consumer Information Line at 1-800-256-5425 or visit the brand website at www.kicker.com. Follow KICKER socially at Facebook.com/kickeraudio, Twitter.com/kickeraudio, Instagram.com/kickeraudio, or Pinterest.com/kickeraudio.



KICKER KXM-Series Stereo and Multi-Channel Amplifiers Specifications

Stereo/Multi-Channel Model (at 14.4V)            KXMA400.2    KXMA1200.2    KXMA400.4      KXMA800.8   

Power (watts/ch) 4 Ohm Stereo:                         100 x 2            300 x 2              50 x 4                50 x 8

Power (watts/ch) 2 Ohm Stereo:                         200 x 2            600 x 2              100 x 4              100 x 8

Power (watts/ch) 4 Ohm Mono Bridged:             400 x 1            –                         200 x 2              200 x 4
Remote Bass Capable:                                      no                   no                     no                     no

Dimensions (in, cm):
(all models 2-1/8″H x 8-5/16″W x …”L,             9-9/16,             11-3/16,             11-3/16,             14-3/4,
5.5cmH x 21.1cmW x …cmL)                           24.4                 28.4                   28.4                   37.4

Common to all Models

Frequency Response:  full range 10-20kHz, +0/-1dB

Input Sensitivity:  High Level 250mV-10V, Low Level 125mV-5V

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:   >95dB, a-weighted, re: rated power

Active Crossover (KXMA.2):  24dB/octave, variable high pass 10-500Hz, variable low pass 40-500Hz; 400-5kHz with 10X switch, bypass capable
Active Crossover (KXMA.4):  (amp1) 24dB/octave, variable 10-5kHz with 10X switch, selectable high pass, low pass or all pass; (amp2) 24dB/octave, variable high pass 10-500Hz, variable low pass 40-5kHz with 10X switch, selectable high pass, low pass, bypass or all pass

Active Crossover (KXMA.8):  (amp1 and amp2) 24dB/octave, variable 10-5kHz with 10X switch, selectable high pass, low pass or all pass;

(amp3 and amp4) 24dB/octave, variable high pass 10-500Hz, variable low pass 40-5kHz with 10X switch, selectable high pass, low pass, bypass or all pass

KICKEQ+ Parametric Bass Boost:  variable to +18dB, centered at 40Hz



KICKER KXM-Series Five-Channel and Mono Subwoofer Amplifiers Specifications

Mono/Multi-Channel Model (at 14.4V)             KXMA1200.1         KXMA800.5

Power (watts/ch) 4 Ohm Stereo:                         –                             50 x 4

Power (watts/ch) 2 Ohm Stereo:                         –                             100 x 4

Power (watts/ch) 4 Ohm Mono Bridged:             –                             200 x 2

Power (watts/ch) 4 Ohm mono:                          600 x 1                  200 x 1

Power (watts/ch) 2 Ohm mono:                          1200 x 1                400 x 1

1 Ohm Stable:                                                     yes                        yes (sub ch. only)

Bluetooth LE® Wireless Remote Control:            included                included

Dimensions (in, cm):

(all models 2-1/8″H x 8-5/16″W x …”L,             9-9/16,                   12-3/4,
5.5cmH x 21.1cmW x …cmL)                           24.4                       32.4


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