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Behind The Wheel: 2017 Nissan Pathfinder SL

The Pathfinder has come a long way since its debut in 1986 when it was a two-door off road vehicle. Now it’s a 4 door 7-seater family SUV. Now we aren’t saying this is a bad thing its quite a nice SUV. It definitely has the bells and whistles you’d expect in a 2017 but still holds some of the off-road past.

The new features start with LED accent daytime lights, projection HID headlights and a nice robust grille with chrome accents. But I do have to say we found the big chrome lip on the grille to be too much. Well some might find it stylish we felt if you went off roading it would be the first thing to be broken.

Walking alongside the Pathfinder you will see signal indicators on the mirrors. Also, you get chrome accents on the door handles and the trim on the bottom of the door. Thankfully they didn’t over do with the accents. Then lines feel smooth and stylish. On the roof, it comes with two roof rails so you can get a nice roof storage container for extra storage while on the road.

Moving around to the rear Nissan continued the chrome with some accent trip on the bottom bumper and above the license plate hiding the reverse camera. Also, you can get the option of having the power lift gate but the swipe of your foot underneath which is an absolute bonus. Once you open the hatch you are open to the storage of the Pathfinder now if you do not have the third row of seats up you have a decent amount of space. But if you pop up the last row you lose most of the space.

With the inside of the Pathfinder is luxury you are greeted with leather seats and the driver gets an 8-way seat with heated front seats and steering wheel. On the model, we reviewed our passengers get heated seats in the second row as well. The infotainment system on the Nissan is good but not great. We feel they moved a lot of info that could be in the unit to buttons below that makes it look cluttered.

Driving the Pathfinder feels solid, it only has a V6 with 285BHP but when I got in it and drove at first I thought it had a V8 you could just feel the power. With the AWD on it as well you felt stable no matter what the weather was throwing at you or if you decided to go off the beaten path. Fuel economy wasn’t horrible but what you would expect from a AWD V6 on average we experience 13L/100KM city and 9L/100KM.

The Pathfinder is a good competitor in a vast market of SUV’s. The one we reviewed with all the options was $46,528 CAD. So, if you are in the market for a new SUV go down to your local Nissan dealership and give the Pathfinder a go!


*Pictures provided by Nissan all rights of images belong to Nissan Canada*

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