Oklahoma City, OK, February 3, 2017 — DD Audio will be giving its Power Tuned and HiDef Tuned U.S. built subwoofers some upgrades for 2017.

The first thing customers will notice is that all subwoofers built in DD’s Oklahoma City facility will now come stock with composite dust caps, which beforehand was only available for an additional cost. This feature provides both performance and aesthetic advantages over paper dust caps.

According to the company, DD Audio has been a pioneer in the use of composite materials, such as carbon fiber and Kevlar, in cone and dust cap manufacturing since the early 90’s, and now that all of its composite manufacturing is efficiently done in-house, DD is able to include this as a standard feature. Beyond the featured stock composite dust cap, customers will still have the option to select from several other custom dust cap colors and materials for a small up-charge.

Due to popular demand, the 2500 and 2000 Series Subwoofers will now come stock with cast aluminum baskets. In the same vein of the composite dust caps, cast frames add both performance and aesthetic advantages over stamped steel frames.

 End users will also enjoy a newly extended two year manufacturer’s defect warranty period on the Power Tuned and HiDef Tuned Subwoofers.  To round out the list of upgrades, the official release of the 12” and 15” ESP Subwoofers, and a revision to the direct connect speaker leads are expected in the first quarter of 2017.

 For more information on the Power Tuned and HiDef Subwoofer lines or any other DD Audio products go to ddaudio.com or contact by phone at 405-239-2800.


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