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Vaquform: The World’s First Digital Desktop Vacuum Former

Vacuum forming redesigned for the modern maker









How is Vaquform ‘digital’?

It goes far beyond the LCD interface. Vaquform brings high-end process control to desktop vacuum forming, turning it into a smart appliance fit for a modern engineering lab, design office, or artist studio.


Power like no other

Vaquform has an exclusively designed hybrid vacuum unit that combines high airflow and high vacuum. Speed and power. It delivers the kind of results you normally see with thermoformers that cost thousands of dollars.

Comparison of vacuum units
Comparison of vacuum units

4X stronger than a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner’s pressure maxes out at around -3 PSI.

Vaquform’s two-stage hybrid system begins with a high speed impeller that removes about 90% of the air from under the plastic sheet. Like a vacuum cleaner, it maxes out around -3 PSI. But then a secondary vacuum takes over, squeezing out the remaining air at -12.8 PSI. 

Stage 1: High airflow / Low vacuum.

Stage 2: Low airflow / High vacuum.

In other words: Suck fast. Squeeze Hard.


The benefit?  Sharp details and tight corners like no other vacuum former under $5000 can deliver. Definitely well beyond any vacuum-cleaner-powered rig.

Vaquform knows plastics

Vaquform is the first thermoformer that uses heating profiles and an IR probe to monitor plastic. This ensures consistent results, part after part.

Some machines have a timer to aid the user. But even then he will have to observe the plastic ripple and breathe, and decide whether the plastic is ready or not.

Vaquform does not guesstimate. It knows.

  • It knows how hot the material is as it’s being heated up, up to 0.1°C precision.
  • It knows what temperature it needs to be at, thanks to its internal database of heating profiles
  • And when it’s at the right temperature, it alerts you and switches the vacuum on automatically
Vaquform's current library of heating profiles
Vaquform’s current library of heating profiles

To use Vaquform, simply pick the profile that matches your material from its LCD menu and press START.

And because Vaquform is monitoring the process, you don’t need to stand around. Go ahead and do something else nearby if you wish. It’s the only thermoformer that allows you to multitask. 

See Vaquform in Action

See how Vaquform has been used so far and find inspiration for your own projects. Click the image to watch the video.

3D Printing + Vacuum Forming = MFEO* 

*Made For Each Other


Making custom packaging for upcycled cassette MP3 players

It’s another great example of how Vaquform can be used with a 3D printer and a CNC router.


Using Play-Doh and foam core to make food molds


Making props and cosplay pieces for a Halloween event

Vaquform pays for itself when you use it for your fabrication gigs


Industrial design students prototyping coffee lid designs in class

Learn the principles of good design by bringing a Vaquform to the classroom, rather than taking the class to a vacuformer.


See Vaquform’s power as it pulls a 2mm ABS sheet tightly around a skull

This is where Vaquform outclasses any vacuum former that calls itself compact.


  Anything can be used as a mold. Even pineapples and pens.


Technical Specifications


Choose your reward








 Project roadmap  

We’re in the final stages of preparing for manufacturing. That’s means we’re validating every aspect of the design with our manufacturers, making minor revisions as needed, to get things just right.

For some components, we’ve gone ahead and started tooling up. A successful fundraising campaign will give us the capital infusion needed to follow through with our production plan. 


Our target is to be able to deliver the first two batches of Vaquforms by the 4th quarter of 2017, or earlier, fingers-crossed.


John Tan, CEO of Vaquform, Inc, is a lifelong maker and tinkerer. He studied mathematics before pursing his studies in product design. He identifies himself as an industrial designer but in practice his expertise covers end-to-end product development, which includes industrial design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing. He has led projects for the Department of Science and Technology and the Design Center of the Philippines. Nine years ago John accepted an invitation to teach at the University of the Philippines in Manila, where he has been ‘trying to infect students’ with his passion for design and entrepreneurship. John is also a father of two boys who seem to have inherited his thirst for knowledge.

Vaquform’s co-founders, Elisa Sy and Melissa Yeung, have similar backgrounds. Both run large organizations that manufacture widely distributed consumer brands. John invited them to join his startup for their management acumen and ability to get things done. Elisa is Vaquform’s COO and Melissa is the CFO.


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