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3 Creative Phone Cover Ideas to Make Your Phone a Fashion Icon

Time moves faster than ever, especially in the case of technology. Only a couple of decades ago, a cell phones were one of the most expensive things that only rich people could afford and now it became a necessity for all. We are in the era where a cell phone is our small little world.

We have a virtual world inside our phones. Our cell phone is our best friend. We always make sure that it looks new, unique and trendy. We don’t like ourselves to lag behind. Our phones are much more than a necessity nowadays.

The same way, case and cover of the phone is also something that is not left only for purpose of safety but is more required for its looks and patterns. We often see people changing their case and covers just to be in trend.


The case and cover market have wide range of products. The cell phone cases for Huawei, Samsung, and cool pad are getting a variety of designs and pattern. There are numerous stores in the market for cases and covers both online and offline. The Miniturtle Store is one of the stores with a variety of pattern and products that suits for almost all types of phones.


However, it doesn’t end here as N number of products lead to N number of confusions for selection of the right one. Here are some of the creative phone case options that shall make your phone look an all-time fashion icon:


  1. Customized Case and Cover: If we can customize our home, furniture, and infrastructure the way we want, why not the phone. The customized covers are one of the trendy and all-time hit formulas for a phone. There are various patterns and designs available even in the customized covers.


One can select his/her photograph, any natural picture, name or the photograph of the dear ones to gift them. These customized covers are durable and long lasting. There are some stores who provide for suggestions as well about the picture quality, various filters available for the photographs like black and white, grayscale and such other effects to give an enhanced look to it.


The customized covers are all time fashionable as it gives a unique and emotional touch to your phone.

  1. Diamond engraved covers: The other type of trendy covers is the diamond engraved covers. These are the ones in which beautiful and elegant pictures are highlighted with small little diamonds engraved in it that makes the phone look more like a jewel than simply a phone.

As we all know, women can never say ‘no’ to diamonds, be it real or fake. The diamond engraved covers are on the top favorite list of women. It is definitely one of the best options to gift your loved ones with a phone.

  1. The one liner covers: Be it your T-shirt or your phone, the one-liners are surely the best way to express yourself. Besides, the one-liners are very much in trend. It not only gives words to your thoughts but also depicts your personality very well. One may get the liners of his choice through stores or own one-liners can also be used by customizing it.

Apart from the above trendy ideas, there are some other ideas that can make your phone trendsetter for sure. For instance, when you have an expensive phone, keeping a transparent cover makes it look much richer. In addition to it, the extraordinary designs like that of a vintage train, a vintage telephone, a pocket watch shall give your phone an absolutely new and exclusive look.

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