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Benefits of Automatic Parking Systems

For corporate buildings or downtown areas, automated parking systems are increasing in popularity for the convenience that they offer. The advanced garages make it easy to park more vehicles and free up extra space on the streets for commuters. Here are a few significant benefits that come with automatic parking systems.


Automatic parking systems prevent cars from idling as they spend several minutes looking for a parking space. By preventing cars from driving around crowded parking structures for a period of time, it reduces emissions that are released into the air in areas that are already congested. A crane-based solution is used to transport the car from a specific entry point to an area where the car can fit perfectly and will save time for the driver.

Save Space

With the use of an automated car parking system, more space is saved and utilized compared to conventional parking garages. Cars can fit more compactly on each level of the garage with the use of a redundant conveyor-based solution.

It can also reduce the cost of labor by avoiding valet personnel who are often hired to drive the vehicles.

Fewer Accidents

Fender benders and car accidents are common in parking garages as drivers attempt to find the perfect space to leave their car. Many drivers are prone to speeding if they become impatient or are running late. Accidents are easily avoided with an automated system that does all of the work. Customers are more satisfied with the service that is provided by automating their car park and saving time when they need to leave the vehicle behind without running into delays.

More Security

Most drivers are concerned about the security of their car once they park it and don’t return for several hours. Parking garages are a common place where theft occurs due to dim areas where thieves hide. Automated parking garages offer enhanced security with the use of secure locker doors and car park entrances. You can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be protected in a space that is almost impossible for criminals to access.

Recent advancements that have been made with automated parking systems have made it possible to offer a streamlined and convenient service to thousands of people each day. It not only reduces the battle for finding a parking spot in busy downtown areas but can reduce the cost for drivers by avoiding costly fees and tickets.

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