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Firstech Refreshes Compustar and Arctic Start Remote Start Lineup

SEATTLE, WA (08.17.2017) – Firstech, makers of Compustar, Arctic Start, and DroneMobile, is announcing the launch of the company’s new lineup of remote kits for controlling a remote start or security system. The new lineup of Compustar and Arctic Start remote kits highlights the company’s focus on 2-way remote technologies.

Firstech’s flagship brand, Compustar PRO, will be headlined by the new PRO G15 and PRO R3, both of which feature Firstech’s “Digital Spread Spectrum Technology” and up to 2 miles of range. Each of these remote kits is equipped with 2-way confirmation, a feature that Firstech is committed to adding to every remote start customer’s purchase.

“Since Firstech was founded in 1995, our company’s specialty has been 2-way technologies,” shares Firstech’s Managing Director, Jason Kaminski. “Firstech was the first company to release a 2-way remote with 1 mile of range, and also the first to release an IPX-7 waterproof 2-way remote. Our 2-way technologies have been a critical point of differentiation from our competitors, both aftermarket and OEM, and we look forward to continuing that legacy with our updated lineup.”



In addition to Firstech’s updates to Compustar PRO, new 2-way remote kits have been added to Firstech’s core brand, Compustar PRIME, and also Arctic Start. Details regarding each of these individual kits will be released at Knowledgefest 2017 in Dallas, Texas on August 11th, 2017.

All Firstech remote start and security systems are upgradeable, meaning that customers with legacy hardware will still be able to add these new remote kits to their existing systems.

Firstech’s new lineup of remote kits is scheduled to ship in early September 2017, and those interested can view the company’s corporate catalog atwww.firstechllc.com

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