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New Dome devices = new answers to daily challenges

Nexia solves even more daily challenges with the addition of three Dome products – The Mouser, Water Valve Shut-Off and Siren – to its lineup of 500-plus Nexia compatible devices. Nexia has teamed up with Dome to offer you  20 percent off these devices when you purchase them by Oct. 5 from Nexia Directusing the code DOME17.

Modern pest control
Dome’s Mouser is a Z-Wave, electric mousetrap that instantly lets you know when you’ve successfully captured a mouse. Battery powered, it can be placed anywhere and humanely zaps the rodent with a jolt of electricity.

No plumber required
The Dome Water Valve Shut-Off  fits over many existing valves and  can be easily installed with only a screwdriver. No plumber required!. Use it to automatically turn off the water when a leak is detected. Never again crawl under the house or poke around in the basement to turn off the water. Simply open or close the valve using your Nexia app or web portal.

Pick your sound  
With 10 different chime sounds and three volume levels to differentiate between alerts, the Dome Sirencan audibly alert you to a wide variety of activities. Maybe set a low chirp for the front door opening; a louder, more alarming shriek for a water leak; or perhaps play the William Tell Overture when the garage door is left open, or a Klaxon horn when a mouse is caught. 

Competitive pricing 
Nexia Direct offers its best everyday pricing, as well as additional discounts for subscribers.
Seamless integration
Purchasing products from Nexia Direct ensures they can be added and used in your Nexia system automations.
Customer service 
Get technical help and warranty information 7 days a week by calling


Promotion Details:
The promotion ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on 10/5/17.

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