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Pisen: From Power Bank Invention to Power Bank Innovation

SHENZHEN, ChinaNov. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Nowadays, power banks have become a necessity in everybody’s life. A good power bank is a great tool to avoid the embarrassment of a mobile phone that is about to power off because of insufficient charge. Many people, perhaps, don’t know that 99% of power banks are made in China, including those from famous brands such as Anker and Belkin. Most of the time, R&D is also based in China.

One of the largest power bank manufacturers, Pisen, has been chosen by over 20 million customers all over the world. The company is also the biggest 3C digital manufacturer in China.

Pisen – Power Bank Inventor

What very few people know, though, is that Pisen is also the inventor of power bank.

In 2004a Chinese “7+2” Antarctic Expedition Team asked Pisen to provide specific digital equipmentfor their trip. The team needed a portable charger that could charge video cameras and other electronic devices. Normal camera batteries lose their capacity quickly under extremely cold temperatures. For instance, a battery, capable of charging for an hour, would only charge for few minutes.

The invention of a bigger battery that could charge various camera batteries became the solution. That was the first power bank ever invented, called “Mini Power Bank” or “Power King”.

Pisen – Seeking Power Bank Innovations

The power bank was invented 13 years ago and now Pisen is seeking and researching to add even more functions to the next generation of power banks.

Pisen presented the Hand Warmer Power Bank at Consumer Electronics Show in 2016 (CES 2016). This innovative device is a combination of a hand warmer and a power bank. The temperature of Hand Warmer Power Bank can increase up to 50℃ and keep that temperature for 5 hours, that could be helpful in warming up hands during winter. The product has received the CES Innovation Awards 2016, German Red Dot Award and iF Design Award.

In 2017, Pisen invented the Laser Pointer Power Bank. Once charged, this laser pointer can function for a whole year with the built-in power bank. The device is eco-friendly and able to charge a mobile phone in an emergency situation.

Pisen has also produced lots of other devices that combine a power bank with something else, for instance a Shaver Power Bank, Wall Charger Power Bank and Outdoor LED Light Power Bank.

Pisen is always open to innovations and is constantly creating new products. Users can learn more about the newest products on the official website: Users, who want to purchase products, can visit the official Amazon store:



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