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Circumvent the Mid-Life Crisis with These Ten Tips

Despite its name, the mid-life crisis can occur at any time. It comes when people feel trapped, unfulfilled, and who wish to return to the simpler times when they were young. Some mid-life crises involve a big purchase, as a revolt against the money saving lifestyle they had been leading till now. Some involve an entire new life. The secret to circumventing this crisis is to not work harder, but work smarter. You need to prioritize your own happiness. You might thing you are working hard for your children, so that they can get the best start at life and so that they can be happy, and it’s true. Except that your parents wanted the same thing for you, too.


Prioritize your happiness and stop sacrificing yourself for others. Circumvent the stereotypical mid-life crisis by following these ten tips:


  1. Never Stop Learning

Learning should not stop once you finish your tertiary education. Learn new skills, new facts, read, take classes; do it for the sheer joy of learning. The more you learn, the more fulfilled and at one with the world you will feel. Learning is also an excellent way to stay sharp as you age, and can help you feel like you are constantly progressing.


  1. Make Time for Your Passions

Juggling your time between working and taking care of your family might seem like there are too few hours left to sleep in, but you need to find time. Combine chores with family time, and make your alone time part of their daily lives. That way you can take some time off and work on the things you love doing. It could be working on a collection, or reading, or anything else.


  1. See More of Your Friends

Just as you should make more time to work on the things that you are passionate about, you should also work on seeing more of your friends. You need social ties, even if you feel like your family alone are enough. Fact is, your children will grow up and move out, and if you don’t have the social ties throughout this time you might find you’re isolated after they leave.

Friends are also crucial as support systems. Stay in touch, and stay happy.


  1. Not Every Vacation Has to Be Family Time

You also need to put more effort into your relationship, if you want to keep the spark throughout your marriage. Travel and experiencing new things together is a great way to keep the romance alive, but you cannot do this when you’re in parent mode. That is why it is okay to take time off from your children and go on vacation by yourselves. If you aren’t comfortable leaving your young children with your parents, that’s fine, but there is no excuse to not jet off once your children are teenagers.


  1. Succeed at Work

Being passed over for promotion after promotion can cause anyone to go mad, which is why you need to work on being more visible. Speak up more, be more active, and ask for the promotions and raises you feel you deserve. Make a great case for why you should be given a raise, or a promotion, and you’ll increase your chances of getting it. If you don’t feel appreciated at your job, however, it’s time for a change.


  1. Change Direction

You are not obligated to work for the same company all of your life, especially if you don’t feel fulfilled in your work. That is why it is okay to change direction, either in terms of which company you work for, or which field you work in. The key to successfully changing direction, however, is to do it calmly. Quitting your job while you are in crisis mode will make the transition difficult. Be rational, reasonable, and plan it out so that you can make the change seamless.


  1. Opt for the Affordable Option

If you do feel the itch to purchase something “new”, like a car, remember that there are affordable fixes. If your vehicle is worn down, yes, you should buy a new car. You should not, however, buy a sports car that you cannot afford. That is why you should check out this gallery of fine cars Calgary. Avoid the massive depreciation on new cars and buy used, and opt for the option that will save you money now, and in maintenance and fuel costs.


  1. Complete Goals Throughout Your Life

Another way to avoid the feeling of a crisis is to actively complete your goals. To do this, however, you need to take a more proactive approach. Start by researching what others have done to reach similar goals to you, and work from there. You will complete goals by creating a series of steps. The smaller the steps, the easier you will be able to reach both your short term and long-term goals.


  1. Master the Work/Life Balance

The work/life balance is something that many people talk about, and it’s necessary to enjoy life. Don’t try to stuff your day with everything, but instead find ways to comfortable do everything that you want to do.


  1. Happiness Starts with Health

It is almost impossible to have the ideal work/life balance if your health is holding you back. Even if you don’t have any health conditions to be worried about, simply being malnourished (which can occur at any weight) can have a serious impact on your mood, ability, and energy. That is why you need to eat healthy, and ensure you get exercise. The healthier you are, the better you will be able to balance your life. It is also how you’ll safeguard your health throughout your life, meaning you won’t be held back by poor decisions.


Circumventing the mid-life crisis means ensuring that your life is fulfilling. You can have the big changes that mark a mid-life crisis, like making a big purchase or changing careers, if the crisis aspect of these changes is removed. Be smart, be cool, and you’ll succeed at life.

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