Hands On: TYLT Energi Pro Backpack


With the holiday season coming up lots of people are going to be doing some traveling. Well when you’re out on the road or in flight and you want to bring your necessities with you and want to stay connected then you need to check out the TYLT Energi Pro power backpack.

I know you’re thinking “why did he call it a power backpack?” Well the reason for this is that TYLT has brought you a backpack with a 20,100 mAh battery included in the backpack. The battery has 3 ports: USB, USB Fast Charge, and USB-C. Now with this battery I got ALOT of charges for my Nexus 6P and Samsung tablet.


Now the way they designed this back to support this battery and all its charging ability is by giving your cords little passages into all of the compartments. Running wires from pouch to pouch is simple and thankfully the included cords (2 Micro-USB and 1 C-C) is great and one of the Micro USB cords are in support of fast charge and is more than enough length.

Speaking of compartments, the Energi Pro has a neat feature witch will help people who travel through airports. When you unzip the laptop compartments at the back, the Velcro that holds the back on will undo so you can lay the backpack flat for scanning.


On top you have a great compartments for sunglasses, cellphone, keys, or really anything that is breakable because they gave this spot some more padding to help out. If you are traveling to places where credit card theft is a concern TYLT’s got your back… with a RFID pouch in between the sunglasses spot and your tablet sleeve. Prefect size for a wallet or just a few cards.

The inside of the Energi Pro has tons of space. On the inside of the flap you have a few spots for memory cards, papers, key cards, or even airline tickets. With the Pro you get a great pencil case styled pouch I use this to organize all my cords well by organize I mean keep the mess contained. With the inside you do have a zipper compartment in the back of it which I found by accident about three days ago.

But wait theirs more! So it also has a small pocket on the front for random things and a cup-holder…. yes this backpack does have sleeve that comes out for a bottle of water. One thing that a producer friend loved was the little pouch at the base of the left strap which he used for memory cards for a camera. Personally I wouldn’t use it because well I’d forget stuff in their.

Last thing I want to hit on about the Energi Pro is how amazingly comfortable this backpack is! I had a laptop, two bottles of water, the battery, and various other things and wore this backpack for 6 hours at a local comic-con and not once did my shoulders hurt. The padding on the top of the shoulder straps and back make it feel like you’re carrying a cloud.


This backpack retails for $149.99 USD on TYLT‘s website which isn’t bad seeing as the battery alone is $79.99 USD so go check out one and order it before you regret it! Also TYLY uses planet friendly packaging and through the partnership with for every dollar donated plants one tree to help the reforestation all over the planet and given the wildfires of late this is much needed! So check that campaign out as well!


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