Hands On: Logitech C922 Pro Stream HD Camera

With streaming becoming more and more of a thing with people streaming everything from videogames to auto shops streaming repairs. You need a great quality camera that won’t make your wallet take an arrow to the knee.

Thankfully Logitech has sent us something to help that. We are reviewing the Logitech C922 Pro Stream HD cam. This camera is marketed directly at streamers with recent compatibility for the Xbox One for use with Mixxer or skype.

Now setup was extremely easy wit it just being plug and play but I kind of wish they either had a longer USB cable or an included extender. Once I got an extender cable I was off. Logitech does include a sweet program called Chromacam to help with streaming to delete your background, but Microsoft made it so it isn’t compatible with Win10 which is frustrating and annoying. But I just checked their website and it seems they’ve changed to 3-month free Xsplit so that will definitely help.

But when it comes to the use of the camera its super easy to setup and the picture is amazing. I even use this on my laptop instead of the built in camera.  Logitech has included tweaking in the settings of the camera if it doesn’t automatically focus or adapt to the lighting.

The looks of the camera are nothing new for Logitech its ju  st your basic black design with the camera on the front and two curved bar lights on either side. It also has to omni-directional mics in the camera to give you clear audio on any skype calls, I wouldn’t recommend using this for streaming or podcasts as it does pick up background noise.

For the more technical end of it Logitech has developed H.264 compression in the camera so you have compact recordings but don’t ruin the quality.  I also tip my hat to Logitech for including a tripod for the camera so you can have it on your desk instead of on top of your monitor and having to look up at your viewers or who you’re skyping.

Now the Logitech C922 Prostream isn’t the cheapest camera around. But for the quality and support you get this is worth every penny. You get 2 year product warranty and a steller camera for $129.99 CAD. So go on to or to your local Best Buy to check out this camera! Happy Streaming.


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