Hands On: Braven Solo Bluetooth Speaker

With summer coming you are going to want to sit on the beach and listen to some tunes! Well lets face it your smartphone speakers are OK but they aren’t going to do the trick. So Braven sent us the solution! We got the Braven Solo speaker see our overview and thoughts below.


Braven has gone for a great look on their outdoor series of products and with the Solo its good to say I love it. You have a thermoplastic housing and aircraft grade aluminum grille. Fully rubber back with a cover for your charge port/aux/USB output (I will explain calm down) on the bottom of the Solo you have two INSANELY awesome rubber feet they hold up well. During our tests I put it on my dashboard and did a few laps of a parking lot ( Do not try this anywhere ) and it held up to some pretty steep turns and stops. Granted sometimes it would fly off and hit the floor. 

But with it banging around thankfully its built for that, they have built it to be shockproof which is why its the outdoor series. As for other design aspects the buttons are built into the top of the unit with your power, pair, play/pause, vol +/- and mic. They do have voice built into this for Assistant or Siri. 


The Solo has a decent amount of features for being such a little speaker. First its IP68 rated for waterproofing and holds it well during testing. The Solo has great range for the Bluetooth averages about 42 feet before I got choppy. Also as we mentioned before it had a USB input that’s because this little guy packs a 2200MAH battery so when you are out and you’ve been jamming out you won’t have to worry about your phone going dead. The Solo in the package also comes with an active mounting bracket for a bike which due to it being winter i will have to wait till summer to test that apparently my neighbors don’t want it mounted to my snowblower.

Other features are the the BRAVEN true-wireless function so you can pair any two BRAVEN speakers for stereo sound. The Solo has about a 12 hour playtime depending on usage the most we got was 10 hrs but that was rather loud at times and a few calls off and on. BRAVEN also give this speaker a 1 year warranty which I have never had a BRAVEN product break but I assume its a great support team.



The Solo has great sound for a speaker which is about the soda can on its side. Its 6 inches long and 3 inches tall. The Solo features two speakers and an impressive sub woofer on the bottom. When listening to the test tracks the Solo shook counter tops and could be felt in other rooms. If you couldn’t tell I am very impressed by this speaker. It has replaced my built in speakers on my MSI Stealth Pro. 

As for any app for customizing sound, BRAVEN hasn’t bothered to be honest you don’t need it also a lot of apps have equalizers in this so you can do your own thing. Call quality is also awesome a lot of the time callers couldn’t tell I was on the speaker they would think I was holding the headset because of the noise cancelling features. 


OK, so this is where we get to the bottom. The Solo from BRAVEN’s outdoor collection comes in at $99. I am not going to lie when testing I felt this was more worth $129. The next step up is the BRAVEN Pro which is $149. So go check out BRAVEN and see catalog of all the speakers! 

My Thoughts:  

Well, I am pretty sure you know what I am going to say. Get this speaker! You’d be right. Of all the smaller speakers we have reviewed this one is my favorite so far. So what are you waiting for go check them out. It’s over we are done now. What are you still doing here?


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