Hands On: Jaybird RUN wireless ear buds

So now with cellphone manufacturers getting rid of the headphone jacks and giving you dongles. A lot of headphone companies have decided to go wireless. With the first versions of this it generally meant a big bulky battery on the cord which weighed you down. Well thankfully technology has helped fix that and now it brings us to the Jaybird RUN totally wireless headphones.

First off with the Jaybird RUN when you open the packaging you see the clam shell case which holds the earbuds inside with a little pack that holds your different sizes for the buds, supports, and charge cable. Then you have all your usual paperwork and a Jaybird sticker.

Jaybird has come out with some spectacular sounding ear buds, partnered with the Jaybird app for customization sound makes these one of the best I’ve heard thus far. As for play time per charge you have 4 hours play time and an additional 8 hours with the recharge in the case.

In the ear they are pretty comfortable, so much that personally when I am not using them for headphones I will just leave the right bud in and use it as a hands free headset which works perfect. The call and voice quality is great minus lack of wind blocking. But when you get to the gym all you have to do is pull the left bud out and it syncs up and you’re good to go.

When it comes to the functionality of the RUN’s this is my only hold back. You can change what the buttons do but you only have two options. Either have play/pause and Google Assistant/Siri and double click for next song/decline call. Now these are click buttons so they are limited but I would have liked to see some button mapping. But that could be solved in an update.

The Jaybird RUN’s are a spectacular pair of wireless ear buds they’re sweat/water resistant, with the added accessories they fit perfect and when our in office gym enthusiast (my wife) used them she loves them. When she was on the treadmill or high intensity classes they stayed in. To be honest since I gave them to her to test I haven’t got them back.

So go to Jaybird and check them out and pick up a pair! They do go for $179.99USD which is in Air pod area but I feel with these you get so much more seeing as you don’t need an apple phone! Also they sound so much better. But you be the judge go to your local Best Buy or jump online and grab a pair!   


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