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Airwheel SR3, a hands-free, smart robot suitcase with visual recognition and sensing

BRUSSELSApril 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Intelligent robots often play key roles in futuristic science fiction films, TV series and novels. Those science fiction scenarios are quickly becoming a part of today’s real world with what seems like a daily release of a new product or gadget that relies on artificial intelligence. One area which is garnering increasing attention is autonomous or robotic luggage.

Airwheel recently launched the Airwheel SR3, a smart robotic suitcase with a host of helpful features including auto-follow, intelligent obstacle avoidance, a removable battery, an anti-loss alarm and mobile remote control. The smart piece of luggage, which comes equipped with visual tracking and sensor technology, can accurately identify its owner with real-time visual recognition and tracking algorithms and switch into auto-follow mode, while avoiding obstacles with sensor aids, in much the same way as a pet following its human owner. The suitcase’s smart features can be put into action by pulling out the extendable intelligent recognition rod and switching the power on.

The Airwheel SR3 comes with multiple sensors including a camera, radar and an ultrasonic receiver coupled with simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology as well as visual recognition and detection algorithms, so that it can instantly identify, lock and follow the user, allowing hands-free transport of the suitcase.

The Airwheel SR3 also uses Bluetooth technology, which, when combined with ultrasonic and radar sensing, collects 3D-surround data in real time, accurately identifies the position and size of obstacles and plots out travel routes flexibly through a robust AI chip, assuring that the suitcase will not bump into any object or obstruction that might lie in its path.

In order to enhance safety for users, the R&D team has developed an app specifically tailored for the SR3: the intelligent piece of luggage is connected to the mobile app via Bluetooth, allowing for the sounding of a smart alarm at any moment during which the suitcase follows the owner while in auto-follow mode. A voice alarm will be sounded as soon as the suitcase finds itself more than three meters (approx. 10 feet) or, when adjusted by the owner, five meters (approx. 16 feet) away from the owner. At the same time that the voice alarm is sounded, the owner’s mobile phone can be set to ring and vibrate, avoiding possible loss or misplacement of the suitcase.

Airwheel not only meets the expectations a traveler would want to see in a smart piece of luggage but has also created a device that is fun to operate. Based on BLE4.0 technology, the owner can control the SR3 remotely through an app, from up to 30 meters (nearly 100 feet) away, providing not only ease of use but also ease of mind.

In terms of battery design, the SR3 comes equipped with a removable battery instead of being constrained by an integrated structure. The battery pack can be removed and stored separately when boarding an aircraft, addressing the safety concerns raised by aviation authorities. In addition, the battery pack has an expanded USB port which can be used as a mobile power pack to charge portable electronic devices.

The smart robot suitcase, which features many surprising cutting-edge technologies, is being showcased at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair from April 13 to April 16. The intelligent piece of luggage has stood out from the many new products on display as a revolutionary smart and high-tech new product, drawing a great deal of attention from the media and technology professionals for its refreshing look and user experience.

Company Name: Airwheel Holding Limited 



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