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Hands On: Braven Solo Bluetooth Speaker

With summer coming you are going to want to sit on the beach and listen to some tunes! Well lets face it your smartphone speakers are OK but they aren’t going to do the trick. So Braven sent us the ...

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Bring The Noise: The Rebirth of Computer Audio with Cerwin Vega XD4 & XD8

AND BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!!! We enter the world the world of puter speakers. The Cerwin Vega XD series comes in 3 variants XD3, XD4 and the XD5 plus XD8 SUB. We are going to play with the XD4 and ...

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Review: Divoom Bluetune Bean

Size does not always relate to quality. Just look at Napoleon, small man, yet had a massive amount of power behind him. Maybe not the best example considering what he did, but still you get the point. What I am saying ...

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