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Episode 05: Flood Our Inbox!

Welcome to Season 02 Episode 05! You are once again joined by your hosts Ty and Andrew. On today’s episode the dynamic duo discuss Ben’s titties being gross, an amazing town that is flooded with clear water, Nest cameras’ new ...

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Episode 04: Elon Musk Tweet Us Back!

Happy Belated Valentines Day! The cutest couple of podcasters came together on V Day to sit down for Episode 04 of the Great and Best Podcast in the world! Tune in to listen to the brand new intro created by ...

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Episode 03: Jitterbug!

Today’s episode is a little different than normal. Your two favorite hosts, Ty and Andrew come together to discuss a fun new app called Die With Me, Call of Duty’s newest game mode, the stats from Pornhub during the Hawaii ...

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