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Review: OtterBox Defender For Galaxy S4


When you hear the name Otterbox the first thing that comes to mind is either Ben, if you listen to our podcast, or top quality protection for your phone. That being said for every phone that I get, and I get a lot of them, I always throw and Otterbox on it before I walk out the door. I have gone through phone after phone for testing but thanks to Otterbox I have never broken a phone. Today is no different! So read on to see the struggles I put this case through.


Naturally, when I upgraded to my Samsung Galaxy S4 on the Verizon Wireless network I knew I had to get myself a tough case that would survive my busy lifestyle. Little did I know at the time that I would be able to get a case that not only could withstand all my fury but also match my color style as well! With the S4 you can get a case that has two different colors. One of the colors for the plastic internal piece and the other for the rubberized outside piece. This was really exciting because I had always been limited to just a black case, since I don’t conform to the iPhone crowd.


Aside from being a super attractive case, it still offers the maximum amount of protection just as before. First thing we did was performed the “drop test” from about 5 feet and as usual the phone was perfectly happy to be alive. The next test was the “throw it against a wall” test, pretty much self explanatory. I’m not saying go out and throw your phone against a wall that would be stupid, but the point is that your phone can survive it with an OtterBox case.

The case gives you 100% functionability with every option on the phone. All your buttons work better than before, the camera isn’t interfered with, and the screen has a built in screen protecter which is a huge benefit because I can never get the bubbles all the way out of those crappy ones. The only negative to this case is if you are a tight pocket person. The outer rubberize material isn’t the best for sliding against a pocket and gives you a bit of a struggle when being pulled out. But that isn’t a huge issue because they give you a belt holster so you too can look like the life of the party and let people know you are awesome!


Honestly, if you haven’t had an OtterBox case before the real question is how much do you love your phone? Because if you want to make sure nothing bad ever happens to it than an OtterBox case is the one for you. They come in 3 different protection levels in case you are a pretty light user. Head on over to OtterBox and pick one out for the phone you have!

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