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What Uses the Most Amount of Energy in Homes?

Many homeowners are starting to look for ways to make their homes more efficient. Energy efficiency doesn’t just result in a lower utility bill; it also helps preserve the environment and often increases the value of one’s home. One of the first steps toward creating a more energy-efficient home is recognizing which appliances use the most energy. Once you identify those devices, you can start targeting your energy-saving efforts on those appliances that will yield the most impactful results. To help you get started, take a look at this list of what uses the most amount of energy in homes

Heating and cooling systems

When it comes to which device uses the most energy in a home, there is no contest. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, heating and cooling systems consume over half the amount of total energy usage in homes on average.

By investing in a more energy-efficient heating and cooling system, such as a ductless mini split, you can greatly reduce the amount of energy your home consumes. Another way to reduce the amount of energy consumed by your heating and cooling system is to clean the system’s filters regularly, investing in a programmable thermostat, or improving your home’s insulation to prevent temperature-controlled air from escaping.

Water heater

The next leading energy-consuming appliance in most homes is the water heater. Because it provides us with warm water to shower, wash our clothes, and clean our dishes, it’s unsurprising that water heaters consume around 12-17 percent of a home’s total energy. 

While completely replacing your water heater with a more efficient option is perhaps the best way to reduce the amount of energy your water heater consumes, doing so is often expensive. Less costly ways to effectively reduce your water heater’s energy consumption include wrapping your water heater in an insulation blanket, installing low-flow fixtures in your showers and sinks, and turning off the water when possible while washing dishes or in the shower.


Next on the list of what uses the most amount of energy in homes is lighting. Depending on the type of lightbulbs you use, lighting can account for up to 12 percent of a home’s electricity usage.

Fortunately, reducing the amount of energy that lighting consumes is one of the easiest ways to increase energy efficiency in one’s home. Simply turning off the lights when you aren’t in a room, relying more on natural light, or switching from incandescent to LED bulbs can make a huge difference.

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