Hands On: Anker 2 Port Turbo Car Charger and MFI Lightning Cable Combo


Long car trips demand entertainment. That usually includes phones, tablets, iPads and the sort. Keeping all those devices can be tough by itself, add in heavy use while trying to charge and you could be playing a loosing game. The Anker 2 Port Turbo Car Charger and MFI Lightning Cable can keep you charged for the long hall. Lets take a look at it shall we.


One of the biggest problems I always have with my kids is that they like the internet for their iPod’s. Normally I have my Verizon Ellipsis 7″ tablet set up for both a Wi-Fi hotspot and Navigation. This combination uses so much power that most big box store car chargers can’t handle it. Within a few hours you either have unhappy kids with no Wi-Fi or guessing which way you are going. I’ve even had some chargers that couldn’t handle just charging the tablet while the Hotspot was on.

The Anker 2 Port Turbo Car Charger elevates that problem by providing 24 Watts and 4.8 Amps of power to charge your devices. The Car Charger features 2 ports. One is marked Apple and the other Android. Each is designed specifically for the charging characteristics of the device. If you only have one device, it can be charged at up to 4.8 Amps. With 2 devices plugged in the total is 4.8 Amps divided between the two outputs. When plugging in your device, the charger will begin to charge based on your device. If you have a iPhone with iOS 5 or newer, it will charger at 1Amp in the Apple side. iPad 3 with iOS 5 or newer will charge at 2.1 Amps and the iPad 4 will charge at 2.4 Amps. This allows for you to use your device for what you want without having to worry about power drain. On the Android side it will charge your phone at 1.5 Amps and your Tablet at 2 Amps. White is the only choice for color at this time.

I used the car charger for both my Verizon Ellipsis 7″ tablet with Wi-Fi Hotspot and Directions and the second port to charge my iPhone while streaming music to my Bluetooth Car Stereo. The whole time the devices stayed fully charged and I never had to worry about running out of battery as the Anker 2 Port Turbo Car Charger kept up with both devices the entire time.

To keep my iPhone 5 charged I used the Anker MFI Lightning Cable. This is an Apple Approved cable that aside from the Anker Logo’s on them, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the Anker one and the original Apple Lightning Cable that came with your phone. The Anker MFI Lightning Cable keeps you iPhone 5/5s fully charged and can do data transfers as well as the factory cable. If you happen to have broken your charging cable or just want a second one, check out the 2 Port Car Charger/MFI Lightning Cable Combo at . Look over the device and follow their link to Amazon to pick yours up. Price is $23.99 USD and available now.  While you are there check out all the other great products they offer.


******This device was provided by Anker in exchange for my honest opinion and review**********


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