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Verizon Wireless Attends Indy 200 and Brings 2 COWs!


The Honda Indy 200 is underway and with it comes a very wide variety of vendors, companies and people from all over the country! Among some of the larger companies is Verizon Wireless who has their own massive tent set up in the “Fan Village”. The Fan Village is an area specifically set up for people to walk around, check out various companies, products and have a chance at winning some awesome prizes. The National Guard is another group attending the Fan Village area and are giving away a lot of great information, goodies and have a punching machine set up to test your strength.


When you first check in you are given a wristband with an NFC chip inside. The purpose of this is to walk around to each tent and check in to be entered into some awesome contests.The Verizon Wireless tent holds some of their newer products and has people set up at all the stations to help people with them and explain different features. As the title says Verizon did bring 2 COWs with them, however COWs is actually cell-on-wheels, which are put up to boost the network capacity and power smartphones and tablets with 4G LTE and XLTE connectivity. Some of the included products were the new Nest thermostat, which was associated with a miniature housing set up.


There was also a vending machine of sorts to test out the ISIS Wallet app and have the chance at winning a free prize there as well. The most fun section was probably in the very center which was a miniature race track that was used with the Sphero Robotic Ball, which is a little practically indestructible ball of fun that you control from your smart phone and can have it roll all around. They also had a booth set up for testing out their latest and most awesome product, which was also in tune with the Indy 200 race. Verizon has given the ability for the pit crew and the public to view multiple camera angles of each and every racer on the track.


Unfortunately because the software was so new and just implemented the actual app was not fully functional at this time, but once it is completely up and running I can tell you that if you are an avid fan of the races this is one that will be in your downloads asap. In the mean time, you can view News and Articles of current, past and future races, you can view live coverage of current races (only on wifi) and you can view the leaderboards to figure out who is in which place.


Verizon always goes above and beyond when it comes to events like this. Today was no different than before. They definitely have a lot more in store when it comes to the amount of technology available to us and they will be revealing quite a bit more soon.



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