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Review: Otterbox Pursuit Case For iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus

With the recent announcement of the newest line of iPhones entering the marketplace and the astonishing price point, the number one thing on everyone’s mind should be protection. With the new iPhone comes even more responsibility. Apple chose to use an all glass backing which is even more delicate than previously. Phones are always changing, which is why its refreshing to see Otterbox continues to as well. Read on below for the full review on the Otterbox Pursuit Case for the iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus.



I’ve had multiple Otterbox cases in my long line of work. I usually bounce between the ultimate protection of the Defender to the more every day design of the Commuter. Buying an iPhone you generally want to show off the backing, remember how slim the phone is and still be able to protect your $1000 investment. The Commuter and Defender don’t really do that, but they do offer impenetrable protection from the world. That brings me to the Pursuit series case. 

The case is very slim and sleek. The style I chose was the clear backing with black sides and edges. Mainly because the backing of the iPhone is just beautiful and why not show it off? As you can see from the photos the case is clear enough to see the detail but still thick enough so that even a hard drop isn’t going to allow anything to scratch the back or camera. 

Plus if you feel like you want the protection without being able to see the backing, they have 3 other color schemes. All Black, Coastal Rise (pink and black) and my other favorite Desert Spring (orange and black). 


Based on appearance you would think that the case would be soft and flexible. Surprisingly the design does not allow for much flexibility. Putting the phone in was a little bit tough. The case does come in two pieces, the backing holds the phone while the black edges click on and secure everything in. Thankfully I was able to keep my screen protector on without any issue. 

I will say the outer plastic edges don’t feel the best quality, but they survived all of my drop tests and being put in different situations. A really nice feature is the switch to turn the ringer on and off. Its basically like a twisty switch now, which I really enjoy. The buttons are also quite easy to push but still with enough give that they wont get pressed in your pocket. Although it is clear and appears like it would slip out of your hand, it actually is quite “grippy”. 


As I mentioned above I’ve used the Defender and the Commuter series usually. The Pursuit is the happy medium with the benefit of maintaining the phones normal look. You don’t get a built in screen protector, which I actually prefer because you can get your own, but you do get your port covered, buttons covered and full body protection. The case is built with extended edges so that even if it falls face or backside down, your screen and camera are fine. We also tested from multiple different drop heights, up to 7 feet. No issues with the phone or the case. Another benefit with the design of the case is it actually amplifies the speakers when playing music or videos. 


No matter what Otterbox product you decide on you will be satisfied, they guarantee it. The Pursuit series is my personal favorite after being able to try it out. I love the security I feel when it is in my hand. I can confidently say that my phone will be fine if I happen to drop it on the ground or throw it against a wall during a game of PUBG. I prefer to add my own screen protector and having the ability to still use mine without the case interfering is perfect. The best benefit is being able to maintain the slim sleekness of the phone while having the 100% protection. Head over to OtterBox and check it out, plus all of their other amazing products. 



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